Heading for the North? Let me help you plan your trip!

I've been living in Tromso for 3 years and am happy to give you tips on accommodation, budget travel, must-see sights and must-do activities and most importantly, where to find the best coffee in town!

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An Insider's Guide to the Paris of the North

This guidebook contains tips on where to stay and eat, what sights are worth a visit, what you should pack for your trip and how you can get around in Tromso. 

It also provides information on how to visit Tromso on a budget and shows the best locations to watch and shoot the Northern Lights.


Heading to Scandinavia or the Arctic? 

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 I provide travel guides to Stockholm, Southern Scandinavia, Hamburg and Tromso for you and you can even get your own Nordic wallpaper for your phone or desktop!

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All the places I've been

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