How to: Bake Norwegian Grandmother's Cake

Summer has arrived to Northern Norway and what's the best way to celebrate that time of year other than by having cake? Alright, hot dogs and ice-cream are also great but can you really resist something with the name "Grandmother's cake"? 

Now this recipe is apparently very Northern Norwegian in nature and even though Simon has lived in Tromso for 4 years longer than I have, he only recently discovered this cake at work. It seems to be a Tromso tradition so I wouldn't expect many other people to know about it - which is why I'd like to share the recipe!

Consisting of cake, cream and jello, this cake basically is a calorie bomb which is probably also why it's called "bestemorskake" (Grandmother's cake) in Norwegian cause let's be honest, aren't all our grandmothers trying to spoil us with hearty food all the time?

It probably won't do you any good if you're still trying to fit into that tiny bikini that's been gathering dust in your wardrobe all winter but it's delicious!


6 eggs // ca. 200g of fine sugar // 150g of flour // 2 dining spoons of baking powder // some butter // 9 dl of cream // 2 dl of stirred strawberries // fruity jello powder

The Recipe

1.      Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Cover a big tray with a baking sheet and paint it with some butter.

2.      Whip the eggs and the sugar together for an airy mixture. Carefully add sifted flour and baking powder.

recipe norwegian bestemorkake

3.      Spread out the mixture evenly on the tray. Bake the cake in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes until the surface has a golden color and is evenly baked.

4.      Turn the cake over on a kitchen towel strewn with some sugar. Put a cloth or a cold tray over the cake so it holds itself soft. Let it cool down.

5.      Take some strawberries and crush them either with a machine or a spoon and stir in 180g of sugar. Taste and adjust with more strawberries/sugar if needed.

6.      Whip 3dl of cream.

recipe norwegian bestemorkake

7.      Spread the stirred strawberries and the whipped cream evenly over the cake, and leave a ca. 2cm wide edge on the side furthest from you. Start with the long side closest to you and roll the cake gently together with the help of the cloth. Make sure that the edge of the roll is lying on the bottom of the cloth. Gently move the roll cake to a plate.

8.      Cook up water and add the jello powder and mix until there is no more powder left. Let it cool down until it is colder than your finger. To speed it up, put the bowl in cold water.

9.      Whip 6dl of cream and mix 3 dining spoons of sugar. When the jello has cooled down but hasn't begun to stiffen yet, add it to the whipped cream and mix.

recipe norwegian bestemorkake

10.      Cut the roll cake in small pieces and put the pieces in a large bowl. Then add the whipped cream to the jello. Alternate between putting pieces of the cake and the cream into the bowl until you have it filled to the brim. 

Don't do what we did - adding the cake first and the jello cream last cause then you're left with a very wobbly structure. Definitely remember to alternate and create layers of cake and cream!

Put the whole cake in the fridge and let it stay there overnight. Enjoy!

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Isn't mixing cream and jello the weirdest thing, yet so awesome?! What's your favourite cake recipe?

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