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I don't know about you but I cannot believe that it's already June! The year is almost half-way over and these past few months flew by so quickly that I have the feeling that I didn't achieve anything in 2017 so far. Guess that just stems from working all day every day though, cause it's certainly not true.

Anyway, June is the last month of us living in Tromso and you would think that we'd be more than busy packing our life in boxes and trying to figure out what our next step will be. But no, we'll also travel to Svalbard later this month and it shapes up to be just one big, amazing adventure! 

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Seriously though, I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that we're actually leaving Tromso. Even though the city is gorgeous and living here has been a once in a lifetime experience, I wished the day would finally come for so long! There's various reasons for our move, one major one I've already explained in this post, and more explanations will follow in the future. 

On a side note: If you're afraid that I'm done blogging about Tromso just because I'm moving away, you're mistaken. There's tons of stories and tips I haven't shared with you yet and I've been spending quite some time lately visiting places I haven't been to yet and re-visiting those I never took any pictures of. So trust me, there'll be much more on Tromso to come.

However, Snow in Tromso has never been just about Tromso anyway. I've shared my adventures travelling all around the Nordics, from Iceland to Greenland to Swedish Lapland and Denmark on this space in the past 3 years and that too, won't change. 

Just thought I'd make that clear in case my blog name is confusing you. I'm not sure if I should rebrand just because some things in my life will change, but you're more than welcome to leave your thoughts in a comment below!

The reactions to us leaving have been quite clear so far though: there's the group of people who have absolutely no understanding for it whatsoever and then there's those who can't quite grasp how I've managed to live in Tromso for this long anyway. Even more amusing is the fact that we're asked where we're moving to on repeat. Seriously, some weeks go by where the question comes up daily.

I promise I'm not making a big secret out of this but we just really don't know yet. Simon's waiting to hear back from several applications and we have a Plan B in case none of those work out but for now, we'll just be moving to Simon's family in Nordland for the summer. We do have a financial buffer to last us quite a while but we're pretty thrifty and would rather save the money we would spend on rent in Tromso in July as well. 

Plus, being in Nordland for a couple of weeks gives me the chance to finally visit the Blåmannsisen glacier I've been wanting to see for ages, to visit the family cabin in Swedish Lapland in the summer (meaning by boat instead of snowmobile), and maybe even taking part in the annual gathering of the reindeer to mark the newborn calves. 

Besides, we could really use some time off cause the past year has been nothing but stressful for us!

That doesn't mean that I'll be neglecting the blog over the summer though, far from it. I'm hoping that I'll finally have time to start some projects that I've been planning for ages but never had the chance to follow up on. I will most likely post a bit less on here though so that I can actually fully focus on these projects - BUT I would like to vlog a lot in the summer!

Basically, the internet in rural Nordland and Swedish Lapland is quite crappy but video editing doesn't require any and I'm sure I can make the upload work overnight. That's why I'm planning to vlog everything from moving our stuff from Tromso to Fauske, all the adventures I'll be going on while I'm there, and finally the big move to who knows where!

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I'm really excited to still spend June (my birthday month!) in Tromso though. It's the one month in Tromso where the Midnight Sun ensures us 30 never-ending days without a single sunset! So of course, I had to incorporate this phenomenon into my monthly desktop calendar upload in the Nordic resource library

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I'm so looking forward to the summer, our Svalbard adventure and moving, and I hope that your summer will be spectacular as well!


What are your plans for the summer? Any adventures ahead?

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