What my Travel Bucket List looks like after 1 Year of Wanderful Wednesday

I've been publishing a new article on Snow in Tromso every Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning for the past year now, looking forward to going through heaps of inspiring travel posts at the end of the day on #WanderfulWednesday!

When Lauren, Marcella, Isabel and I started our own little travel link-up exactly a year ago, we were determined to create a community of like-minded travelers and expats around the world. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we totally achieved this!

From South America to North America, Europe, Asia and even Australia - there's so many of you who participate in the link-up each week and we were so excited to receive all your lovely birthday wishes from so many gorgeous places around the globe!

Thanks to you, my travel bucket list is continuously growing! Therefore I wanted to put YOU in the spotlight of our 1st #WanderfulWednesday birthday and highlight all the amazing places that your posts had me dreaming about!


Perspectives Quilt made me day-dream about going on safari in Africa

Global Locavore inspired me with her article on subsistence fishing on the Mekong River

Jasmin Charlotte had me considering booking a trip to Dubrovnik for autumn.

Of Golden Roses made me look forward to my trip to Ireland and hiking the cliff walk in Howth

The Wandering Weekenders made me feel less depressed about having a full-time job and a serious case of wanderlust

California Globetrotter had me put my own homecountry on my bucket list by making Bavaria look so incredibly gorgeous!

The Wandering Blonde had me dreaming of staying in a tube hotel in Mexico!

And, Always Erin made me want to stay at the Amalfi Coast!

Gringa Journeys introduced me to a place, I never knew existed.

Oregon Girl around the World convinced me, that I need to visit Denmark in autumn.

The Smalls Abroad had me at "Scotland" and "Highland Games"!

Different Shores inspired me to re-visit the Lofoten Islands in summer

Diary of a Tourist made me day-dream about Alaskan fjords

Carrie Lippert convinced me that I need to visit NOLA and Bourbon Street.

Adventurings showed me that an imperfect arrival doesn't always mean that your trip will end bad. 

Slightly Astray took me on a visual journey to experience what life in Beijing really is like

Setarra reinvorced my belief, that visiting the Pacific North-West is the greatest trip ever. 

Amy and the Great World showed me that Transylvania is spooky, but gorgeous!

Tracy's Travels in Time convinced me that Prague is worth another visit, especially in winter!

Travelsewhere made me want to explore the Baltics so bad, and Tallin in particular!

Every Little Thing had me at "winter vacation" and "Banff, Canada"!

Adelante showed me, that Israel is totally worth a visit - no matter what other people say. 

Ink+Adventure proofed that certain places and experiences don't need any further enhancement in Photoshop.  

A Nesting Nomad shared an unpopular opinion on Santorini - and I admire her honesty!

With Love made me dream about visiting Quebec at Christmas.

Endless Distances expressed her thoughts on reverse culture shock and totally had me nodding at every point she made.

My Meena Life made me long for a mountain cabin retreat.


This is of course, only a tiny collection of the many articles I read over the past year!

I sometimes live in my "Nordic" bubble, planning my next adventure in Scandinavia or the Arctic and completely forgetting that the world is so much bigger south of the Arctic Circle. Therefore I'm incredibly glad that there's so many of you showing me incredible places all around the world week after week on #WanderfulWednesday!

Whether it's Mexico, Canada, Beijing or just Tallin - keep your posts coming and continue to inspire us, please!

With love, the team of #WanderfulWednesday!

PS: Have you read my latest post yet? 5 gorgeous Danish towns you didn't know you needed to visit!

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