How to make the most of the UK when you’re visiting

Written by Simon Edmonds.

The United Kingdom is often considered by most Aussies as a place where people walk around tipping their top hats and sipping cups of tea. While that might not exactly be the case, it’s nevertheless still an exciting spot which is well worth visiting at some point in your life.

Today we’ll give you a brief rundown of five ways to make the most of the UK when you head for a visit. 

1.    Visit London

Some people will argue London is overrated, and has become something of a cliché of itself thanks to hyperbolic coverage by the media. However, while you might start to get tired of it after a few months, a short stay in the UK capital is certainly worthwhile. 

There are no end of amazing things to sink your teeth into on a day out in London, with prices varying from completely free to insanely steep. Set yourself a budget and work out what you’ll be able to do on a day (or a few days’) visit to the grand city. 

One thing you will have to expect though are fellow tourists. The chances are you’ll come across more accents and dialects in a few hours in London than you probably have in the rest of your lifetime. 


2.    Have a fry-up 

Everyone has their own version of a fried breakfast, but the English have perfected this beauty. You’ll be able to find a greasy spoon in any town of the country, and it’s certainly worth heading into one and sampling the stodgy delights a Full English Breakfast has to offer. 

Traditional core ingredients include the likes of:

•    Sausage
•    Bacon
•    Fried egg
•    Black pudding
•    Baked beans 

Naturally, you’re free to pick and choose whatever you like with your fry-up – with some shops even going as far as to offer chips. All of this is traditionally washed down with a cup of tea or a coffee, as you start the day off on the right note. 

3.    Head to a festival 

This is a little more niche and, unsurprisingly, requires a fair bit of prior planning – but is definitely worth doing if you can factor it into your travelling time frame. It doesn’t have to necessarily just be a music festival either, with the UK being famous for its cultural celebrations. 

Glastonbury music festival and Notting Hill Carnival are the two largest festivals in the country, and provide very different experiences dependent on what you’re looking for from a day (or week) of partying. 

For people who’re looking to take part in something utterly unique which you won’t find anywhere else in the world, the likes of a druid festival or the annual cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire are definitely ones to try at some point. 

4.    Go to a football match 

If you thought the atmosphere at an Aussie Rules match was heightened, just wait until you sample the cultural extravagance of a Millwall and West Ham match. English football fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and they let that be known throughout the entirety of the 90 minutes. 

Chants which at times can even border on the obscene are regularly tossed about during proceedings, with many supporters of the beautiful game stating their favourite aspect of a match is sometimes the atmosphere rather than the football itself. 

The brilliance of the English league system is the depth of talent – with it practically impossible to holiday to a spot which isn’t in touching distance of a side from one of the top four (professional) leagues in the country

5.    Have a pint at a pub

Closing off our list is a bastion of all things considered to be traditionally British. While a lot of clichés about the UK exist, one thing which the stereotypes have managed to get spot on is their love for a pint down at their local come the end of a long day. 

Whether you choose to try out a chain like Wetherspoons, or opt for an establishment which is a little more quintessential British, you’ll be able to find somewhere which provides you with one of the truest cultural immersions in Europe.

If you’re interested in trying out a holiday to the UK in the near future, why not give one of these experiences a try when you’re here? You’ll soon discover just how incredible living the UK lifestyle can be. 

*This is a sponsored post.