February is... when the sky is pink and the mountains white

Guys, I'm so so glad that the sun is back in the Arctic! I don't know if you noticed but I absolutely loathe polar night and need to come up with new strategies to survive the dark period each winter.

Luckily this is my last winter of living in (not exploring though!) the Arctic and I already know that whereever I'm going to move, life in the Arctic made me appreciate the sun so much more. Like so much, that even half an hour sunshine on our trip to Ireland made me act like the happiest person in the world!

It's the little things I guess... Anyway, we're about to ring in my favourite time in the Arctic: early spring! I love the period between February and April so much as that's when there's plenty of snow around but the sun is back to create mesmerizing colours in the sky!

To let you in on the spectacle, I created a February wallpaper for you that you can download in my Nordic resource library.

I'm thinking about making this a regular thing and maybe even publishing a proper calendar at the end of the year? Who knows!

For now, tell me what you think and what February is like where you live!

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Also, if you've answered my reader survey, you'd be pleased to know that the majority of you wants to see more Nordic travel guides in my resource library and more videos on my Youtube channel.

Well, I've just uploaded a more detailed guide to visiting Stockholm in winter and there'll be more guides to come so make sure you sign up!

I've also just published a vlog on Youtube from the day the sun came back to the Arctic - spoiler alert: it was all snowstorm and no sun but we celebrated with fireworks anyway, literally!

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