How to do Sydenferie the Norwegian way

Welcome back to Typisk Norsk (= Typically Norwegian) – a series on all the little quirks of Norwegians that make it so interesting to live in this country! Today I'm telling you all about the classic Norwegian sydenferie! Thousands and thousands of Norwegians spend their annual summer vacation at the same destination: Syden - the South! Now syden can be anywhere where the sun shines and temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees.

Naturally, after a 6 months long winter, there's nothing Norwegians crave more than sunshine and vitamin D. So they all hop on the next charter flight available and flock at beaches all over Southern Europe, preferable Spain, Bulgaria and Greece. Booze is cheap there, you know.

Apparently it's also pretty easy to spot them, the boyfriend says. Just look out for middle-aged sunburnt people with a beer in their hands. Although honestly, could be Germans as well.

Now I've been on my first classic Norwegian sydenferie myself this month and Simon and I made sure to fulfil all the stereotypes of how a syden vacation should be. So in case you've just moved to Norway (or anywhere else in Northern Europe where the weather is gross for most of the year), this is how to spend a classic sydenferie:

Drink unidentifiable cocktails - lots of them, cause they're cheap

Act like you own the pool

Then act like you own the beach

Eat tons of unhealthy food cause "what happens on sydenferie stays on sydenferie" totally applies to calories too

Get your tourist on

Take cheesy pictures wearing an XXL hat staring onto the horizon

Go on a bus trip

... with 40 middle aged brits and expect to only stop at the sights you were there to see and not some tacky souvenir shops on the road too! Worse, book the lunch option in the hope of being served authentic local food and get the worst stodge you ever paid as much as €10 to eat. You know that food is bad when you could have gotten something better in Norway...

Take pictures of dirty street cats cause they're sooooo cute

Eat tons of ice-cream just because it's hot outside

Have your picture taken by a stranger or selfie-stick

Buy cheesy souvenirs

Though I have to admit, that back-scratcher Simon bought is actually priceless!

and last but not least: Capture the sunrise over the ocean

Now as you might have guessed, we didn't spent our entire holiday being a cliche so if you're interested in how you can spend a cheap but more classy sydenferie in Spain, stay tuned for another syden post for Wanderful Wednesday next week.

And if you'd like to read more about Norwegians and syden, read this post by A Frog in the Fjord who totally nails it!

Have you ever been on a classic sydenferie? What would you prefer? A week at a beach in Spain or a week exploring Norwegian fjords?

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