Breaking with Routine // A Weekend in the Mountains

I've been working all summer so far and as you might have seen in this update, it's been grey and miserable in Tromso for the most part.

Add the fact that I had been sick for almost 2 weeks and worked from home / stayed at home a lot of the time, and you can imagine that I really needed a short getaway!

Fortunately for us, the boyfriend and I were invited to present our MA theses at Riddu Riddu festival in a small town in the mountains 2 hours from Tromso.

Riddu is an indigenous music and culture festival and had its 25th anniversary this year. It was my very first time attending and you can read more about the festival here.

Anyway, we spent last weekend at the festival and it couldn't have come at a better time!

Now to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward as I don't particularly enjoy holding presentations and the organisation around it had been pretty chaotic and stressful.

However we got free festival passes, a rental car and accomodation sponsored by our university so despite the stress, we don't really feel like we're allowed to complain.

After all, we had an amazing stay in a cabin with a view on the mountains and I only realized that night, that I really needed to get out of town. I've been in a real rut lately with work, complaining about the Norwegian summer and making plans to move to the South next year in hope for better weather (haha, as if!).

I realized this weekend though that all you really need is to rent a car and drive along the fjords for a couple of hours to break with your routine and appreciate the place you live in again.

I've said it a couple of times, but I really have a love/hate relationship with Tromso. I hate that's it's so remote and that travelling anywhere is complicated and expensive but I love the beautiful nature that surrounds us here.

You don't have access to landscapes that gorgeous everywhere in the world but inbetween commuting to work, buying groceries at the store, keeping your finances in order and cleaning the flat, I don't get to make use of our surroundings here all that much.

Everyday life and routines can really make you feel tired and exhausted but the best way to fight this is to actually get up and enjoy the beauty around you instead of constantly wishing for things to be different.

I'm really glad that we were "forced" to spend a weekend away. It was exactly what I needed and even the weather was gorgeous - can you believe that?

The Midnight Sun was shining over the fjord on our way to the cabin late in the evening and it made the mountains appear pink!

It was such a gorgeous sight and I would have probably stayed up and looked out of the window all night if I hadn't been so tired.

I guess it's the mountain air but even though the mattress was incredibly hard and probably 30 years old, I slept like a baby! I really haven't slept that well in ages!

Anyway, I'm determined to make the best out of life in the Arctic now and hope that the weather is at least that good, that I can go for a hike without coming down with a cold again!

How do you cope with routine? And where do you go when you're in need of a weekend getaway?

PS: Since I'm starting to work full-time soon, I've decided to accept guest posts again. So if you're interested in writing anything "Nordic" on this space, give me a heads up!

A Weekend in the Mountains of Northern Norway
A Weekend in the Mountains of Northern Norway

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