From Chile to Slovenia to the Arctic // Introducing #WanderfulWednesday

I have some exciting news for you today! Things will be changing on this blog from next week and it's all about #WanderfulWednesday! Now let me start at the beginning, 2 years ago I was a co-host for #TravelTuesday and ever since then I wanted to start my own link-up.

Fortunately for me, I was contacted by Lauren from Lauren on Location and Marcella from What a Wonderful World not long ago who were thinking of doing exactly that! Together with Isabel from The Sunny Side of This we will host #WanderfulWednesday every Wednesday from 8am GMT, starting next week!

Why the need for a new Link-Up?

You might have just asked yourself this question and we totally get it! There are already tons of travel link-ups around and you might not think it makes sense to start yet another one. What we however feel is missing in this jungle of travel link-ups is a sense of community.

Not only do we want to discover and get to know new blogs, but first and foremost it's all about creating a community for like-minded wanderers to exchange experiences and tips. Many travel link-ups are so crowded and unpersonal, that you don't get anything out of participating.

What we want is to create a space for travellers and expats to virtually meet once a week, get to know each other better and help each other out - whether that's by inspiring others to visit a certain destination, recommending a certain activity or providing useful tips for future visitors or expats.

Who can participate and what kind of posts can I link-up?

Everyone of course! Whether you consider yourself a traveler, expat or wanderer - all kinds of wanderful posts are welcome!

Who are the hosts?

Wanderful Wednesday will be hosted by Lauren, Marcella, Isabel and myself. In case you haven't heard of the other girls yet, let me present them to you real quick.

Lauren is from the US and has spent the last couple of years teaching English abroad.

She once called Madrid her home but recently moved to Santiago de Chile and continues to amaze me with her Santiago pictures on Instagram!

Lauren blogs over at Lauren on Location and if there's one post you shouldn't miss, it's her 2015 Highlights Reel! She created an amazing video of her travels in the past year that totally makes me wish I had the time to create videos as well!

Marcella is an English girl from London who, when travelling around South America, fell in love with Carlos, a Chilean.

The two have recently gotten married and after years of living in England, moved to Santiago de Chile.

Marcella blogs over at What a Wonderful World and my favourite post of hers would be Finding New Art in Valparaiso. I thought Reykjavik was full of street art when I visited, but this Chilean city seems to consist of nothing but street art!

Isabel is a Mexican who fell in love with a Slovenian and now lives close to Ljubljana.

I've had the pleasure to have her guest posting and telling you all about day trips to take from Ljubljana here.

Isabel blogs over at The Sunny Side of This and my must-read of her blog would be about Isabel's biggest cultural shocks in Slovenia. I just find it so interesting to read about the little cultural differences that mean so much!

When and how can I link-up?

Wanderful Wednesday will start next week, on the 18th of May, at 8am GMT. You can find the link-up on all our blogs then and we're so looking forward to reading all your posts!

Are you interested in linking-up with us? If so, spread the word!

Wanderful Wednesday
Wanderful Wednesday