A Spring Weekend in the Arctic

Do you remember last week when I told you what to pack for winter adventures in the Arctic? Well, spring has finally arrived here and I spent my weekend packing away all my winter clothes (more because I'm moving houses and less because I'm optimistic that the weather will stay this way) and soaked up as much Vitamin D as I could! Now, you may think that temperatures of 15 degrees are nothing special at the end of April/beginning of May but it has never been this warm in Tromso at that time of year ever. We had a record warmth this Friday and the nice weather continued over the weekend.

Just to put things into relation: April usually is the month with the highest amount of snow in Tromso and 20 years ago, there even was a record of over 2 metres of snow in the city. So yes, 15 degrees in April is highly unusual and the whole city was out and about to enjoy the sunshine!

The boyfriend and I spent most of Saturday at the beach and found a nice spot in the cliffs where it was so windless that it felt even warmer than 15 degrees and we ended up sun-bathing with just a top and pulled-up trousers on. I swear, I honestly can't remember the last time I was wearing so little in Tromso and I'm almost 100% sure that this never happened!

And when Sunday started out with sunshine too, I knew that I had to spend my day outside again. Admittedly, Sunday was much colder as it was pretty windy but that didn't stop me from sticking my feet into the ice-cold ocean... Yeah, that was a good idea...

I will probably never ever bathe in the ocean in Tromso but they do forecast an exceptionally warm summer in Northern Norway and I'm so looking forward to more days spent at the seaside!

Don't worry if you wanted to hear more about my Easter adventures in Swedish Lapland this week though. The weather will probably get to its senses and become Arctic again so there will be lots of posts on my winter adventures in Sweden coming up soon!

But until then, let's all enjoy some ice-cream and pretend it's summer!

How has April treated you weather-wise in your neck of the woods? And are you as excited for summer as I am?

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Wonder what spring in the Arctic looks like? Well, it can be surprisingly warm and oh, so beautiful!
Wonder what spring in the Arctic looks like? Well, it can be surprisingly warm and oh, so beautiful!
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