It's all about the Snow // Survey Results & Life Lately

Thanks so much to everyone who answered my survey last week - I really appreciate it and it helped me so much in planning the future for this blog!

But first things first - who's the lucky winner of my giveaway? Well, I'm proud to announce that the winner is: Isabel from The Sunny Side of This! Watch out for an email from me to finalise the details :)

So are you curious to see the results of the survey now? Here's what I asked and you answered:

1.) How long have you been reading Snow in Tromso?

1 Year or longer = 51% // About 6 Months = 22% // 3 Months or less = 27%

It's so nice to see that so many of you have been sticking around for a year and longer and it's also great to hear that I managed to attract quite a few new readers lately - welcome! Guess I'll have to write an intro post on me and Tromso soon ;)

2.) Do you have a blog yourself?

The majority of you (81%) does! I'm not surprised though - it does feel like I'm writing for all those lovely people of the travel blogging community that I "got to know" in the last couple of years and I totally don't mind that. Nice to know however, that at least some non-bloggers find their way to this space regularly :)

3.) How would you describe your travel style?

So most of you answered: Solo or with Friends/Partner/Family, as well as Backpacking/Budget, Slow Travel and City Tripping/Weekend Trips! Almost no one seems to be a fan of organised tours or luxury travel which is definitely fine with me!

I started out travelling solo so I know what it's like and can give some tips. And since I'm only graduating uni this summer, my budget is pretty tight too so budget and slow travel, as well as city trips, is definitely something I prefer personally too.

What this means for the blog is that I'll definitely write more city guides and look out for non-pricey hotels when collaborating. Plus, there'll definitely be more roadtripping/cruising posts on this space in the future and I've always wanted to take the night train to Sweden so I might be doing that too.

4.) What do you like to do most on a vacation?

You guys pretty much seem to enjoy everything from trying out the local cuisine, to sightseeing, to exploring the local art and museum scene or going out and explore the nature. The cuisine part seems to be your favourite with 75%, while local culture got 70%, sightseeing 65%, and nature 60%.

I guess that just means that I'll try to provide more foodie tips in my guides in the future and focus a little less on nature...

5.) What are your favourite topics on Snow in Tromso?

Clearly: "Life in Tromso", "The Arctic" and "Scandinavia" and quite a few of you also enjoy my photo essays, which is just great as these are my favourite topics too! I rarely ever blog about anything related to blogging per se and also haven't blogged about studying abroad that much so far.

I guess I'll write a summary of what I gained from doing my Masters abroad as soon as I'm done but my main focus will definitely be the expat life in Norway and my travel posts on Scandinavia and the Arctic!

6.) Would you like to read about the following topics: Norwegian culture / Norwegian cuisine / Sami culture / Sami cuisine / Hotels in Tromso / Restaurants in Tromso / Museums and Sights in Tromso / Winter Activities

So Norwegian culture and cuisine, as well as Sami culture clearly were the winners here! You seemed a bit more sceptical about Sami cuisine - were you thinking of reindeer tongues, haha?! But I totally get it! I've planned lots and lots of posts on Norwegian culture and can't wait to finally publish them all, and will also write up more foodie posts in the future.

And who knows, maybe I'll discover a delicious Sami recipe that I'll share with you?

As for the rest, you guys don't seem to be interested in hotels and restaurants in Tromso which I totally get. I won't become Tromso's next restaurant critic or hotel tester then, but Google Analytics tells me that my touristy posts on Tromso are in fact quite popular so I'll try to balance these two needs as much as I can and only write about restaurants/hotels in town that I absolutely think you should know about!

The same goes for museums and sights in Tromso. I guess I've talked about that a lot already in my Tromso from A to Z series, however they are going to install a zip line next to the cable car which is something I'll definitely blog about as the boyfriend is dying to try it out anyway ;)

Last but not least, winter activities: 50% of you are interested and 35% said maybe which is good enough for me to write at least something. I mean, my Easter holiday in Swedish Lapland will continue of nothing but snowmobiling, skiing and ice-fishing so I just have to blog about it!

7.) Which Northern cities would you like me to write guides or more posts on?

You guys seem equally interested in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Nuuk which will definitely result in more posts and travel guides in the future. Reykjavik got the least answers (I guess Unlocking Kiki is providing you with more than enough info already, haha), while quite a lot of you also said that you would want to read more about all of them.

So let me see what I can come up with!

8.) Which Nordic regions would you like to see covered on Snow in Tromso in the future?

Again, I got pretty much equal numbers for all of the different regions, whether that be Sweden, Finland, more on Norway or Denmark. My travel plans for the first half of the year include Swedish Lapland and Finnmark county in Norway but I haven't decided where my winter holidays will lead me yet.

Definitely down south, that's for sure though!

9.) Which social media channel of Snow in Tromso do you enjoy the most?

Instagram is your favourite with 60% which I totally get! I'll try to post more regularly here and aim for once a day on 7 days a week and really hope that I can keep up with that. I tend to neglect Instagram when I'm busy but since I'm done with my dissertation soon, that shouldn't be a problem!

I'm kinda disappointed though that Snapchat didn't get more likes as it's become my personal favourite since I started to use it this year. But then again, I guess not everyone has jumped on the Snapchat wagon yet so I forgive you, haha!

10.) And finally, do you think the name Snow in Tromso fits to the topics of this blog?

80% of you think that it does so I'll definitely keep the name. I was kinda worried last year that I would have to move which would have meant that the word Tromso in the title wouldn't make sense anymore but since I have a job now and the boyfriend and I are looking into moving in together in the summer, I guess I'm staying here for a few more years.

Also, most of you said that they connect my blog title with the North anyhow, even though I don't write about the city that often, which is just great!

So thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey, also those people answering my survey for newsletter subscribers! I'll write more about life/events in Tromso and hidden gems of Norway in my newsletter from now on and publish more wallpapers on my resource page.

I will also look into an easier solution for that page, although I'm not sure if there's a possibility to not have it password-protected... Anyone any clues about lead and resource pages? Tips would be highly appreciated!

But let's come to today's real blog topic: what's been going on in Tromso lately?

Obviously, the last couple of weeks have not been as eventful as January and early February with the Ski Championship, Tromso Film Festival and Sami National Day - and I'm kinda glad for that. With the final stages of my dissertation and my new job, I have so much on my plate that I feel pretty burnt out on Friday afternoons and only really want to sleep during the weekends.

I am trying to force myself to go on walks though and do at least something during the weekends despite the wish to just stay in bed for 48 hours straight. Recently, the boyfriend and I therefore visited lake Prestvannet - a lake on top of Tromso Island and an awesome spot to capture the Northern Lights.

What can I say - it was just a winter wonderland! You wouldn't believe that this spot is right in the middle of Tromso Island, just 5 minutes from the city centre, by looking at the pictures, would you?

Even though this beauty is right on our doorsteps, a couple of weeks ago, Simon and I decided that we needed a weekend away from the city (and work, uni and annoying flatmates) and booked ourselves into a cabin at Tromso Camping.

Let me just say, it was a wonderful (and most importantly very quiet) weekend in a gorgeous winter wonderland on the mainland. We spent the time going ice-skating (which I finally got to learn), going for walks in the forest and at the ocean and playing old school board games.

There'll be a full review of Tromso Camping coming your way in April but until then, enjoy some snaps of our weekend there!

Honestly, I could live at the camping site!

Luckily, the next vacation is just around the corner as we're going to Swedish Lapland for Easter! We'll be spending the Easter weekend in the boyfriend's parents' cabin in the woods and I'll finally get to learn how to ski.

There'll also be quite some snowmobile driving as the cabin can only be reached by boat in summer and snowmobile in winter and we'll participate in (or at least watch) an ice-fishing competition - I can't wait!

Wonder what Tromso is like during winter? Well what can I say, it's a wonderful winter wonderland!
Wonder what Tromso is like during winter? Well what can I say, it's a wonderful winter wonderland!

Anyway, make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@snowintromso) to follow my adventures in Swedish Lapland!

What are your plans for the Easter holidays?

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