Snow in Tromso needs your help // Reader Survey & Giveaway

Heya! As you might know from my New Year's Resolutions post, I want to focus more on the North on this blog in the future and don't blog about destinations outside this area anymore.

Since I'm currently writing my MA thesis and working part-time, I figured this is the best way to continue doing what I love without feeling pressured to write about every vacation I go on and without having to feel bad about not accepting sponsorships anymore.

However, I never really asked you about your thoughts and want to change that now! I've created a survey with 10 questions that I really would love for you to answer. But if you have additional thoughts, ideas and opinions, feel free to leave them in a comment!

I basically plan to write more culture and cuisine related posts, as well as more informational posts on Tromso and more travel guides for my newsletter subscribers! I occassionally am in doubt though whether or not Snow in Tromso ultimately is the best name for this space as I'm not blogging so much about the city as I maybe could and anyway love to write about other gems in the Arctic.

So if you have any thoughts about that - whether you love the name and want me to keep it or think that it doesn't really fit to what I'm writing about - definitely tell me in a comment!

Hope that you can all find a few minutes to help me improve this space in the future! I'll keep the survey open until Sunday and will post the results next Tuesday! I also have an extra survey for you who have subscribed to my newsletter so watch out for an email from me later!