4 Day Trips to Take from Ljubljana, Slovenia // Guest Post by The Sunny Side of This

Happy Saturday y'all! While I'm attending Tromso International Film Festival and maybe go for another walk in this winter wonderland this weekend, I have Isabel from The Sunny Side Of This taking over this space. Just in case you haven't heard of Isabel yet, she's from Mexico and moved to Slovenia to be with the love of her life - yes, aaaaawwwww! Over on her blog she writes about the best of both countries and is constantly on the hunt for Mexican food in Slovenia.

Today is not about food though. Today is about road tripping and Isabel chose this topic because she knew how much you guys love my posts on roadtrippin the Arctic. Therefore she created a short guide on road trips you can take from Slovenia's capital Ljubljana and managed to include the most beautiful destinations! But read for yourself:

If you think of Slovenia as a remote European location, think again. Slovenia happens to be at the heart of Europe, right in the middle of Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. So no excuses for next time, Slovenia can definitely make it on your busy exploring schedule.

Let me show you 4 day trips you can actually make from the capital city, Ljubljana. All of these locations are 45 minutes, 1 hour or (at most) almost 2 hours from Ljubljana.

4| Piran, Slovenia

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Slovenia has a coast, and it is beautiful. Piran is a small town with Venetian style architecture that will win your heart over. This location is the perfect place for coffee with a view. You can read more about it on my post Perfect Weekend Getaway in Piran.

Distance: 120 km

3| Trieste, Italy

This is every Slovenian favorite shopping location. It also has castles, museums, a picturesque city center, anything you love about any European getaway.

Distance: 101 km

2| Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has a 3D movie theater and multiple international gallery exhibitions happening year round. This is the city scape every Slovenian takes for when things get a little bit too boring. It still pretty funny to me to this date when people tell me "ah yes we went to the movies to Zagreb". So posh & hilarious, it's amazing!

Distance: 143 km

1| Bled, Slovenia

Bled has to be Slovenia's Jewel. I know that at this point this is no hidden gem but for real people, this place has to be a must on your Ultimate Travel List. I won't deny that there are still lots of tourists but the town hasn't lost its traditional charm, and with all the great food and activities it has to offer, you really don't want to miss any of them! Here are my 7 must things to do when visiting Bled.

Distance: 54 km

There you have it, breakfast in Ljubljana, a nice hike in Bled, followed by coffee in Piran, then a little bit of shopping in Triste, followed by an artistic day at Zagreb. What more can you ask for?

All of these locations can be reached by car, train, or bus. For train schedules you can check Rome2Rio. For bus itineraries you can enter http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/en/.

Hope you visit soon!

From the sunny side of this, Isabel

Have you been to any of these destinations? Would you like to go on a road trip in Slovenia?

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