Reykjavik or Tromso? // Quiz & Giveaway

It's finally time for a long-awaited post: Reykjavik vs. Tromso! Can you remember when I told you how much Reykjavik reminded me of Tromso and how that made me kinda homesick? Well, I went on a photo hunt around Tromso to get a few doppelganger shots and decided to make a few photo collages to show you just how similiar Reykjavik is to Tromso!

I mean, these two cities are basically the biggest and most popular ones above the European Arctic Circle! And they have a lot in common: mountains, beaches, famous churches, street art, Scandinavian/Nordic architecture and of course, they're kinda situated at the end of the world. Well not technically but it sometimes feels like it.

Anyway, to make this more fun, I'm going to send a postcard from Tromso to the first one of you who can name the right city in the right order of the pictures below! Just leave a comment with your guesses, using R for Reykjavik and T for Tromso. For example: #01TR #02RT

Got it? Then on to Arctic-City-Guessing! Reykjavik or Tromso?

*I might have already published some of these pictures somewhere on my blog so if you're unsure, you could always have a little peak around my past posts ;) I'll post the solutions next week!

So, do you think you have the answers? And could I convince you that Reykjavik and Tromso are twins or is it just all in my head?