My One Year Expat-Anniversary

Last month marked my one year anniversary as an expat in Norway! I moved to Tromso in the middle of August 2014 and I thought it was finally time to celebrate that now even though I had a major meltdown and questioned that whole expat thing a couple of weeks ago when I didn't get the flat I applied for. I literally cried a whole evening and thought about moving back to Germany and writing my thesis there. That's how rough the housing market in Tromso is.

But anyway, I've experienced so many ups and downs in this past year and the expat life was rough sometimes but nonetheless, it definitely made me more grown-up and I'm so glad that I managed to deal with everything life threw at me! I've come a long way from starting grad studies to doing fieldwork in Greenland, overcoming my fear of flying and finally understanding Norwegian (for the most part that is).

I want to celebrate that by highlighting the best moments of the past year and I also want to thank you for following along in my adventures! Without this blog as a creative outlet and the support of the blogging community, things wouldn't be as awesome as they are and I wouldn't have met so many lovely people throughout the year!

So thank you and I hope you'll follow along with my Arctic life for an even longer time! And for any new readers, this is the perfect way to get to know me better.

The best moments of one year in the Arctic:

Exploring my adoptive home Tromso and getting asked if I wanted to be on TV on my first day
Going fishing for the first time ever 
Experiencing the first snow of the season - in September!
Taking my first picture of the northern lights
Making new friends
coming home for christmas
surviving polar night
enjoying the winter wonderland tromso
Visiting beautiful Hamburg
Falling in love
going on a uni excursion
celebrating midsummer and turning 24
And finally, spending the summer in Iceland and Greenland

I'm going to live in Tromso for at least another year, writing my MA thesis and hopefully going on a few more adventures. For now, I've planned to finally visit the Lofoten this autumn and I might do a little road trip around Northern Norway with the boyfriend next summer.

I would love to find a real job after graduation and stay a couple more years in Tromso but we'll see what the future holds for me. With the housing situation in Tromso, I honestly doubt that I'll ever find a decent and affordable flat and out of frustration, rather move back to Germany but for all I know, I might end up in Greenland too, haha!

But whatever is in the cards for me, I know now that I'll manage and hey, moving abroad isn't that difficult after all! Yes, sometimes... but overall it's a pretty fabulous experience and I'm so glad that I decided to move to Tromso last year!

Thank you all again for following along and I wish you the best of luck for your travel and expat life dreams!

Are you living or planning to live the expat life? Where do you (want to) live and what were your best moments abroad? 

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