Autumnal Tromso - Guest Blogging for Nordophile

How unusual is it to hear from me on a Thursday?! Well, I'm a on a train to Hamburg right now to spend some days in the city with the boyfriend before going back to Tromso next week and just wanted to let you know that I've been guest posting over at Nordophile on Tuesday.

Nordophile is a website for everyone who loves the Nordic countries - from Sweden, Norway and Finland to Denmark and Iceland, there's something for everyone. The latest Scandinavian crime novels, events in or about the North or just some travel tips on one of the regions - Nordophile is all about the latest of the European North!

I have been guest blogging over there on Tuesday and since I had already scheduled my post on 24 hours in Reykjavik, I wanted to share my guest post with you today. It's all about autumn in Tromso and why it's a magical time! Check it out on Nordophile and follow them on Twitter and Bloglovin.

I'll certainly write something about Tromso or Norway on Nordophile again so stay tuned!

Have a lovely Thursday, y'all!