Midsummer & Birthday Weekend // Turning 24

Hello lovely people! Today is my birthday *woopwoop* .... and I'm at work *eeeek*. Not how I imagined turning 24 to be like but then again, the older you get, the more responsibilities you have to fulfil, right?! Aaaaaanyway, I had a really lovely pre-birthday and midsummer weekend as the boyfriend came to visit me to celebrate (yeah, we totally pretended that it was my birthday on Saturday and I absolutely didn't mind)!!

Now as we both have to do fieldwork for our MA theses this summer, we didn't think we would see each other until August or at least July. But a long-distance relationship is hard when you're used to seeing your partner almost every day so the lovely fella decided to pay me a visit for the weekend to celebrate with me and I couldn't be happier about it!! We basically went on a hike to the northern tip of Tromso island and on mountain Storsteinen and had tons of good food! Don't want to rub my love life into anyone's face though so I'll leave you with a few weekend impressions!


Midsummer isn't really celebrated here in Norway, at least not the way I experienced it in Sweden last year. They do however celebrate Sankthansaften, not on the 21st but on the 23rd of June and instead of raising a maypole, they have a bonfire. And in Tromso they celebrate by running the Midnight Sun Marathon. I'm not sure which celebration I prefer but nonetheless, this midsummer weekend finally felt like summer. It was sunny and relatively warm most of the time and I guess that's more than you can expect of June in Tromso.

I have to admit, last year around that time, I just got back from my Scandinavian roadtrip and even though I was excited to start my expat life in the Arctic, I would have never imagined to feel so darn comfortable living abroad - not to mention being in an international relationship or travelling to Greenland for my MA thesis!

I can't wait to start this new year of my life and even though I will spend most of it at uni writing away on my thesis, I'm really excited where this will lead me. Next year around this time, I will be graduating uni, searching for a "real" job and maybe even moving countries again. It's a scary but also exciting thought and I'm so happy for having made the decision to move to Tromso!

And of course, I'm so happy that you're following along on my adventures in the Arctic even though I don't have the time to blog more than once a week anymore. I'm grateful for each and everyone of you so thank you so much!

Next week, I'll already be on my fieldwork in Denmark before I finally head to Greenland and I have a little surprise for you - so stay tuned! And follow me on Instagram cause I have a looooooot more pictures of that weekend to share with you!

Have a lovely week y'all!!