Local Adventures Lately

I already mentioned in my May Update that I've been on quite a few trips in and around Tromso lately and visited a few absolutely stunning places so I thought I'd talk a bit more about those places today and of course, share a few more pictures! Unfortunatly I didn't bring my camera to any of those trips (yep, I'm an awesome blogger) so please excuse the bad quality!

The first gem I finally visited is the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden. I wrote about it already last year and said that I wanted to visit it in autumn but I never did. However, it's probably much prettier in spring anyway and I'm glad that I had a little stroll in the Garden as it's quite stunning (and I say that even though I'm not exactly keen on flowers... that is to say, I would never pay entrance to see flowers which is all the more reason why you should visit the Gardens in Tromso - it's free!!).

The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, as the name suggests, exhibits flowers from all over the Arctic but also mountaineous regions in the South. Therefore you can see flowers from the Rocky Mountains as well as the Himalaya, Russia and Africa there. I spent a really nice afternoon in the Gardens and if you visit Tromso between May and September, you should definitely make your way over there!

On one of those rare warm days we had here lately, I visited the beach with the boyfriend. Yes, we have a beach in Tromso. It's called Telegrafbukta (because it's situated at an old telegraph station) and it's really beautiful. I've spent quite a few weekends last year there to enjoy the sun and have a barbecue and it's one of my favourite places on Tromso island!

Next on my local adventures was a trip to the island Kvaloya which means whale island. Kvaloya is the 5th biggest island in the whole of Norway and offers quite a few stunning gems, for example the beach of Grotfjord where I got to celebrate the start of my studies last year. Kvaloya is also the place where you can find moose and reindeer, next to whales of course so if you're into wildlife and nature, you got to go there while visiting Tromso.

The place I visited last month however is called Hella and next to ancient rock carvings, you can find an open air museum and a really lovely bay there from which you can see the Hurtigruten cruise ships on their way to and from Tromso. It's also a nice place to go fishing or having a barbecue and even though it's about half an hour from Tromso, it's worth the journey!

About an hour and a half from Hella, the island of Sommaroya awaits you and oh my, what a beauty it is! The ocean as green and blue as in the Caribbean and yet, you're still in Northern Norway!

It's a shame that I couldn't spend much time on the island but I definitely plan to head back there next summer and just lay on the beach and enjoy the scenery for a whole day!

Have you been on any trips in your area lately? What kind of places did you visit?

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