Snow in Tromso goes Greenland!!!

Hello Hello!! Yes, the news is out - I'm going to Greenland AND Iceland this summer! For those of you who have no idea what this is all about, let me explain it to you.

So I'm a grad student of Indigenous Studies at the University of Tromso and after having completed all my courses now, I have to do fieldwork over the summer so that I'm ready to start writing my MA thesis in autumn. I've chosen to write about the Inuit of Greenland and their representation in museums. Therefore I will spend 3 weeks in Copenhagen this July and 1 week in Nuuk, Greenland. I've also planned a 24 hours stopover in Reykjavik just because when will I ever get this opportunity again, right?

I wrote in my Bucket List 2015 post back in December that I wanted to visit Greenland this year but seeing as it's quite expensive to go there, I depended on funding from uni. Now a couple of weeks ago, I finally was granted funding which means that I have enough money to realize my dream of visiting Greenland! It is quite scary and the thought of plane travel over such a long distance (and in a tiny plane at that, at least once I hit Greenlandic ground) totally freaks me out but I know that it's an amazing opportunity and I absolutely can't wait to finally head there!

All the more so as June is turning out to be quite awful, with the boyfriend already being away for his fieldwork and I won't see him for the next three months, plus with me having to study hard to prepare for fieldwork in the first half of June and to work to earn some extra money in the second half. Also I'll have to work on my birthday and probably the day after and won't see my family that day for the first time ever. So June doesn't look very promising - all the more reason why I look forward to finally leave for fieldwork in July! Anyway, as it's the beginning of a new month, it's time again to wrap up the last one.

May was a month full of trips and local adventures. But see for yourself:

Welcomed May with a bonfire in Östersund, Sweden (Photo Credit: Josue Padron Leon)

Explored the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden in Tromso for the first time

Succesfully completed training to be a tourist guide in Tromso and therefore visited Mountain Storsteinen ...

... and the island Kvaloya, as well as one particularly beautiful spot on that island called Hella...

... and visited the island Sommaroya, about an hour away from Tromso which is just the most amazing place I've been to in a long time...

Spent some time at the beach on the warmest day of the month (which was 16 degrees in case you wondered...)

and of course, spent some sleepless nights because of the annoying, but beautiful Midnight Sun!

So all in all, May was pretty darn good! And I just hope that June will be at least bearable... wish me luck!

Now on to you: What did you do interesting in May and what are your plans for June? I want to hear all about them!!