Greenland, here I come // + Giveaway!!

Hej from Denmark! As you probably already know, I'll spend my summer in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Germany this year (mainly to do fieldwork for my MA thesis instead of being away for a holiday though but anyway) and I've now been in Copenhagen since Sunday.

I've already visited a couple of museums and practically started my fieldwork right when I came here but nonetheless, I wanted to say a quick goodbye to you for the summer. With all the work and travelling in the next 4 weeks, I probably won't manage to blog and I have to apologize for that!

However I said probably so who knows when you'll hear from me again. Maybe I get so fed up with doing research that a bit of blogging is exactly what I need?! Or maybe I just want to share that one iceberg picture with you that I really hope I'll get while being in Greenland!

Anyway, just in case I won't be able to blog during July, I wanted to wish you all a great summer! I'll definitely be back in the blogging world as soon as I'm in Germany in August and then blog all about Denmark, Iceland and Greenland!

To make the wait a bit easier for you though (come one - tell me you'll miss me!) I'll send a postcard from Greenland to one randomly chosen winner of the giveaway below. Good luck and have a nice summer!! :)

What are your plans for the summer?