L - Lyngen Alps | ABC's of Tromso

I've said in my Northern Norway Bucket List post, one of the places I really wanted to see while I'm studying in Tromso is Lyngen or better: the Lyngen Alps! They are situated about 160km from the city and are absolutely breath-taking. I had the pleasure to see them on my way back from our uni field trip. There are two ways to get to the Alps from Tromso: either by following the roads around the fjords or by taking two ferries to cross the fjords. We went to Manndalen on our field trip and only took the ferry route on our departure but I'm glad we did it that way. I wouldn't have seen the Alps otherwise and even though I have only seen them from afar on the ferry and on the bus, I can tell you that this is a must see destination if you're staying in Tromso for more than a couple of days.

Fun Facts:

- the Lyngen Alps range until the border of Sweden - the highest summit is 1800 metres tall and named Jiekkevarre - there are several glaciers and the area is known for several kinds of extreme sports such as glacier climbing but unfortunately also for avalanches

I definitely have to come back for some hiking or skiing (if I'll ever learn it) some day!

What's your favourite mountain range abroad?