My First Day As An Expat In The Arctic & Treat Yo Self Thursday

I'm back from my blogging break! Okay actually, not really as I'm currently on a field trip with my Masters program so this post is scheduled again and I won't have the time to reply to comments until Saturday - so sorry!!

Anyway, I finally found the time to write about my very first day as an expat in the Arctic. Well actually, the second day as my arrival day doesn't count, does it? I arrived at my dorm room in the evening and spend the rest of the day cleaning and unpacking - how exciting. But the second day in Tromso actually was! I've never been more afraid to leave the house than on that particular day!

Naturally I had to leave the house eventually to do some grocery shopping and buy a bus card. And even though I've been to Tromso before, I was so freaking nervous!

Getting a bus card turned out to be a treasure hunt (as pretty much everything here but I'll come back to that later). Basically I went to three different shops of the same chain until I finally got one. Between visiting the second and third one, I was asked by a film team to participate in some sort of documentary. Me being German didn't bother them at all but when I said it was my first day in the city, they understood that I was not the right candidate :D

It was pretty cool to be asked though and one of the first (even though little) conversations I had in Norwegian since moving here. It probably sounds dull to you but it felt exciting at that time. After I was finally back home from the treasure hunt and grocery shopping, I decided to head back to town to enjoy the great weather and revisit all the sights. It was definitely amazing to see all those places that I first visited in winter again, this time in sunshine and shorts instead of rain and gloves. I also had that feeling of belonging again and I was so glad about that.I mean I still ask myself how things would have turned out if I had moved to the UK or back to Sweden and I still miss these two (gosh, for the sake of an Indie scene, proper second-hand stores - aka Oxfam and Beyond Retro, sorry Fretex - and vodka that costs less than $40 alone). Of course being able to actually understand the people surrounding you also is a factor contributing this but I get better at understanding and speaking Norwegian.....well I guess. I don't want to speak about how many times people have asked me something and I didn't realized it :D

But yeah, I think Tromso is the right place for me for now and I had a great first day as an expat!

Enjoy the pictures I took on that day now and I promise I will keep you posted about my life here, no matter how busy I am!

Yep, one of these containers is mine....

The university planetarium

The university

Tromso Cathedral


Arctic Cathedral

Bridge between Tromso island and the mainland

Mack brewery

Tell me about your first day as an expat!