K - Kvaloya | ABC's of Tromso

Happy Sunday, it's me again - the girl who starts an ABC series but then skipps half the alphabet.....

Here's the deal: I already skipped E and F because in my moving chaos I couldn't think of anything and now the only things I could think of for I and J were Ishavskathedralen (the Arctic Cathedral which I already spoke of) and Jekta Storsenter (the shopping mall and honestly who comes to Tromso to go shopping?).So yes, today it's already about K as in Kvaloya or better Kvaløya.

Kvaloya (sorry, don't have a Norwegian laptop yet) translates to whale island and is the biggest island in the Tromso area and the fifth biggest in Norway. It is connected to the island of Tromso through a bridge which is absolutely spectacular but which I haven't managed to take pictures of so far so I had to borrow one.


Kvaloya also is the island where


is situated, the fjord I spoke about many moons ago. It's a great place for any form of outdoor sport and you can also find quite a lot of reindeers there. I haven't been hiking or reindeer/whale watching on/near the island yet (so much uni stuff to do this semester) but will definitely do all those things throughout the next 2 years.

Ever heard of a whale island before?

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