24 Hours in Oslo - A Sightseeing Walk, a Sunburn and Amazing Views

After sharing my Northern Norway Bucket List with you last week, I'm continuing with Roadtrippin Scandinavia today! If you haven't already, check out my Itinerary here.

My first stop of the trip was Oslo and overall I spent 4 days in the city. I arrived on a Tuesday night, fell to bed completely exhausted from travelling and started my Wednesday early - well relatively at least. I wanted to see the city's most important sights all on one day and as they're all situated in the city centre, I decided to do

a little walk

(a very exhausting one as it turned out) through Oslo and stopping at the main sights along the way.

I stayed in an apartment in Grünerlokka, which apparently is the hippest neighbourhood of the city, and hence took the metro to get to Oslo Central Station from which it is supposed to be a 10 mins walk to the Opera House.Of course I immediately got lost and arrived at the Opera about 20 to 25 mins later. Typical!

 Also as it was a really hot and sunny day, I was already exhausted by the time I got there and climbed the roof of the Opera immediately to seek some shade. The view from there is amazing and it goes without saying that even though this area of Oslo seems to be a construction area year round, the Opera House is an amazing building and the view on the fjord is priceless!

 I planned on visiting Akershus Castle next and although you could already see it from the Opera's roof, it was another 20 mins walk and by that time I got there I was already sunburned on my shoulders and feet.

Fortunately you can find a lot of shady places on the castle grounds and many spots to enjoy a nice picknick. You don't have to pay an entrance fee to visit the castle grounds though it does cost a bit to visit the castle's interiour which I didn't do.

The castle itself is just beautiful, let alone the surrounding area and the view on Aker Brygge, the yacht harbour, which made my next stop.

It was maybe another 20-30 mins walk to get to Aker Brygge, passing the townhall of Oslo where they not only raised the Norwegian but also the German flag. Same thing at the Royal Palace and I still have no idea why that was. For all I know Angela Merkel could have visited Oslo that day without me knowing (or caring). It was a little odd though.

Aker Brygge as I said is the yacht harbour and a tourist magnet. You can take a ferry to various islands in the Oslo fjord from there and you also can get to Bygdoy, the museum peninsula. Furthermore the Nobel Museum is situated right next to the harbour and of course there were lots of cafes and museums at the waterside. You can imagine how expensive it is to eat out there. Not just because it's Oslo but because it's a tourist hotspot and although eating ice-cream seemed like a good idea at that point, I almost regretted it when I payed 6€ for 2 scoops.

Frankly I hate crowds and tourist hotspots so I didn't spend much time at Aker Brygge but rather decided to get to the Royal Palace. Again on foot and again another 30 mins walk. If you start your day by running around the block you probably don't understand how exhausting that was for me, but let me tell you, I'm a real couch potato! So once I arrived at the palace, I immediately laid down on the grass in the palace's park.

There even was a little lake right behind the palace and I absolutely enjoyed spending some time there. The Scandinavian Royal Families are generally pretty down to earth but it still was quite a surprise for me to see how near you can get to the palace and that just metres from the King's office, people were sunbathing and enjoying the summer. That's how monarchy is supposed to be, isn't it?

It was already late in the afternoon and naturally I was quite exhausted from the day but I wanted to see the Norwegian Parliament before heading back "home" and although it would have only been a 10-15 mins walk, I took the metro this time. S.t.u.p.i.d. Turned out it was only one stop to get to the Parliament from the Royal Palace.....

Anyway, there was another little park right in front of the parliament where I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before finally heading back to Grünerlokka, eating dinner and collapsing into bed.

If you have a better stamina and more money than I, I'm sure you can enjoy a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants in Grünerlokka and afterwards drink some cocktails or go partying but naturally, I wasn't able to do anything like that anymore and it's needless to say that I don't party when travelling solo.

It was an exhausting but also great day and if you only spend a day or less in Oslo, I can only recommend you to do such a sightseeing walk!

Do you tend to overdo it on your first day of a trip too?



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