Oslo: Highlights, Flaws and Hidden Gems

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Last week I presented you my Scandinavian Road Trip Itinerary and as you know, I started my journey in Oslo. But before I write some "touristy" posts on the city, I thought I'd recap my time there by presenting you the highlights, flaws and hidden gems of Oslo today!


My Airbnb room in Grünerlokka! This was my second Airbnb stay and an absolute success! Although I'm not really into hipster neighbourhoods, Grünerlokka was central, safe (although I never know whether or not to run when someone mumbles something in my direction in Arabic or whatever it is they're mumbling in) and most importantly, my host was super nice and the room had a gorgeous view! Can only recommend this host so if you think about visiting Oslo, check it out



Norsk Folkemuseum - Oslo's open air museum which displays buildings of several parts of Norway and where you can get to know Norwegian culture, old and new.

Akershus Castle from which you have an amazing view on Oslo's yacht harbour Aker Brygge and where (surprise surprise) the entrance is free!

The roof of the Opera House. Yes you can actually climb the roof and have a picknick there. Gorgeous view on the fjord, especially at sunset or sunrise.

The park surrounding the Royal Castle. It was a very hot day when I visited and so many people, including me, took a break in the park and sun-bathed!

Vigelandspark although I haven't found an adequate interpretation of the figures yet.


- Oslo is the most expensive city in Europe and sadly, you can notice that in certain areas. Especially in Bygdoy and Aker Brygge I felt uncomfortable because there were so many young, rich, privileged and stand-offish people running around. This is especially sad as these areas are known as touristy areas (yes, the rich may live in Bygdoy but there are also a lot of museums) and I can tell you that you don't exactly feel at ease as a tourist in such a place. Probably this has just to do with Oslo being the capital of Norway as I'm sure you can find those areas in Paris and London too, just maybe not exactly where all the museums are situated?

- I payed a horrendous fee for my metro/bus card and no one ever wanted to check it. There were not even control points in metro entrances. I could have saved a lot of money by simply not buying the stupid ticket.

- 6€ for 2 scoops of ice-cream? Just because you can, doesn't mean it's okay!

- The Munch Museum. I know how incredible this may sound but I was in and out in under 20mins and not because I'm not interested in arts but because there wasn't much to see. There was one exhibition (Through Nature) in one tiny hall and that's it. I really thought I missed something when I suddenly found myself at the exit again but no, I haven't. It was like a really bad joke. Charging the regular horrendous Norwegian museum fee for 20mins. Less actually if you subtract the time I spent buying the ticket, the time I spent putting my stuff in the locker and the time I spent in security control. What???

- The fact that if you get out of the train at Holmenkollen station you have to walk one more kilometer uphill to actually get to Holmenkollen. I wish my guidebook had told me about that but no....

(If you know me, you'll find it logical that I found so many flaws. If not, I may be Swedish at heart but I'm definitely German by birth which should explain my constant moaning)

Hidden Gems:

Hukodden Beach on the peninsula Bygdoy (that's where all the museums are):

The troll and the elk in the woods near the Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Tower:

The little river in Grünerlokka with the surrounding park (and there even was a waterfall):

What are some hidden gems in your town or your favourite holiday destination?

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