My Northern Norway Bucket List

It's only two weeks until I move to Tromso and of course I look forward to living in this incredibly beautiful city. However I also look forward to exploring my surroundings. As today our themed prompt is "Travel Bucket List", I thought I'd share with you the places I really want to see in Northern Norway during the time I live there and the things I really want to do.

I already travelled to this region last year - I visited the North Cape, the northernmost village of Europe (Gamvik) and the oldest town of Norway (Hammerfest). I also went on a cruise with the Hurtigruten so I had a pretty good overview on Northern Norway so far. But there still are places left that I really want to see and things I really want to do so here's my Northern Norway Bucket List! Whale Watching in Tromso


In winter whales visit the city and although whale watching tours are really expensive, I just have to do one just to see a whale once! I mean look at the picture, isn't that a wonderful animal to see? Especially with this gorgeous scenery in the background, I imagine it to be a once in a lifetime experience.......

Capture the Northern Lights in Tromso


So although I've already seen the Northern Lights onboard of the Hurtigruten and during a Northern Lights tour, I haven't been able to capture them so far. Now that I have a decent camera, I hope to get at least one shot of the lights during my stay in Tromso.

Lofoten Islands


The Lofoten Islands are situated south of Tromso and can easily be reached by ship or plane. Considering that I've already been onboard of a Hurtigruten cruise ship twice and that I got a student discount, odds are that I'll board one of the ships again to visit the archipelago. It seems to be the most beautiful place on earth and remote places with bad weather just attract me!



 Narvik also is south of Tromso and the city from which you can take a train to get to Swedish Lapland and the town of Kiruna (which I'll definitely want to see at one point or another) but more importantly, Narvik has a cable car that goes to the top of a mountain from which you have a gorgeous view! I didn't know about it until the lovely Sammy wrote a post about Narvik and her pictures definitely convinced me of planning a trip to that town too!

Lyngen Alps


The Lyngen Alps are situated only 60 kilometres from Tromso and can be easily reached by bus. Although I can't ski (yet) these mountains are so impressive that I at least want to see, if not climb (one of) them.



Alta is the biggest city in the Finnmark region of Norway. A campus of the University of Tromso is situated there as well as the Alta canyon and dam. The construction of the latter arose the biggest conflict in the history of Sami people and Norwegians ever as reindeer herding and living areas of the Sami were flooded in order to build the dam.

Alta furthermore is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely some rock carvings from about 4200 BC. You see, Alta is an important city in Finnmark and I'm really interested in visiting it, not only because I'm studying Indigenous Studies but also because it seems to be so beautiful!



Karasjok is situated at the Finnish border and a Sami community. The Sami Parliament is situated there as well as Sapmi park, a Sami village where you can get to know Sami culture. As I plan on writing my Master thesis on Indigenous tourism, this is a site that I definitely visit in the next two years although I'm not sure yet if it's tacky or not.

What's your travel bucket list?



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