A - Arctic Cathedral | ABC's of Tromso

Welcome to my new "ABC's of Tromso" Sunday series!

My aim is to present you my new home in the Arctic while learning more about it myself and what is better for that than an ABC series?

I'm not sure if I'll really stick to posting about just one letter each week. If there's not much or nothing on a certain letter, I may just skip it or present two letters on one day. However my Sunday posts have always been shorter than my weekday posts and I want to keep it that way as Sunday is the day of rest, right?

So from now on it's all about Tromso on Sunday and occasionally on Saturdays I invite guest bloggers to take over my space to write about "The World from A to Z". I'm so grateful for everyone who signed up for this series so far and if you haven't already, take a look at my advertise page and benefit from my promo code one last time.

Anyways, on to Tromso it is. You've probably seen the Arctic Cathedral on my blog already and while I haven't visited it yet (have seen it from afar of course but didn't go inside yet) I can tell you, it is an amazing building!


The Arctic Cathedral, also known as Tromsdalen Church, is in fact a protestant parish church and not a cathedral. It was built in 1965 and has attracted tourists from all over the world since then. In winter, concerts are held at midnight in the church which are especially popular among cruise tourists.


As I said, I didn't go inside but I certainly will in the future. I mean just look at these pictures. If that isn't beautiful I don't know what is. Also, I'm catholic (well on paper at least and unfortunately as catholic churches are mostly dark and unwelcoming which by the way the catholic church is in general) and I've always been fascinated by protestant churches as they are mostly much lighter, more beautiful and more welcoming (which by the way the protestant church seems to be in general).

The Arctic Cathedral is a landmark of Tromso and one of the most popular sights. You can't (and shouldn't) miss it if you ever visit the city!

Again, if you're interested in a tourist guide post on Tromso, visit Casey's Blog True Colours where I provided one for you.

What's the most beautiful church you've ever seen/visited?