A Stroll Through Tromso

Today I want to take you on a stroll through my new home Tromso. Don't worry I'll post about my moving chaos soon enough but currently I'd rather concentrate on the good things about this move and the city of Tromso is a good thing as it's so beautiful.

 You probably know this by now but I first visited the town in October 2013 and then a second time in November 2013. There wasn't any snow yet in Tromso at that time but wait for next week where I want to share my pictures of magical snowy Tromso from above!

But focus on today now! Both times I visited Tromso I stayed in the Viking Hotell, which I can absolutely recommend and which is where my tour will start.

From there it's only 2mins to the northernmost brewery of Europe (or the world? Tromso has so many northernmost things, it's confusing), however we start this tour in the morning and you can't drink beer before noon right?

So another 3mins (if it's not icy and slippery and you land on your butt which is what I did on exactly that route) and you're at Polaria. The Polaria is an aquarium, which hosts bearded seals, and where you can also watch a film about the Northern Lights in a panoramic cinema. It furthermore has a lovely cafe on the upper floor where you should definitely have a cup of tea while looking at some gorgeous Northern Lights pictures.

Isn't that building gorgeous?! Right next to it, you'll have the most wonderful view on the yacht harbour with snowy mountains in the background (which you'll probably don't see as I didn't have a good camera at that point yet). Anyhow, right next to Polaria there also is a part of the Tromso University Museum, that is to say an ancient arctic vessel.

The University Museum also includes the Tromso Museum, which is 10mins outside of the city centre by bus and which focusses on the indigenous people of Norway and the Polar Museum which is right in the city centre and where we'll be headed to next.

It takes about 10mins to get there from Polaria by foot. You'll eventually get to the waterfront and the harbour, that is to say the place where the Hurtigruten cruise ships dock as there is a second harbour for other cruise ships a few kilometres further north. Anyway if you happen to stroll by around 3pm you can watch the Hurtigruten dock at the harbour.

I love this area of Tromso especially because of all those colorful buildings!

And because you have a great view on the Arctic Cathedral from there.

Now it's time to move on to the pedestrian area of Tromso. Silly pre-blogging me didn't take many pictures there but I promise to post a lot more pictures of the city as soon as I moved.

Once you're in the city centre there's a lot you can do: visit the Polar Museum, visit Perspektivet (an arts museum focussing on cultural photography, highly recommended!), shop till you drop at Ahlens, H&M, Vero Moda, the Jelly Beans shop or one of the many souvenir shops and of course have some cake for afternoon tea in one of the many cafes and fish for dinner at one of the many restaurants.

You should also visit one of the many pubs and bars as Tromso apparently is the town with the most pubs and bars in regard to its inhabitants in the whole Norway. If that isn't something.....Of course prices for alcohol are high so if you're not Rockefeller you'll hardly get drunk. Even better as this way you can take an evening stroll along the harbour which is an absolute must as it's so beautiful!

If you're interested in more Tromso pictures and tips on visiting the city, head over to Casey's blog True Colours tomorrow (Friday 25) as I participated in her Destinations Series and of course presented Tromso!

Can you imagine living in a city like Tromso?