Photo Essay: Gamvik - The Northernmost Village of Europe

Happy Travel Tuesday! Last week was not so happy as I told you my story of volunteering in Northern Norway. I stayed in the northernmost community of Europe, which I want to present today before I leave on my Scandinavian Road Trip in a few hours!

Gamvik is situated on 71°North and apart from being the northernmost village of mainland Europe, it offers you the northernmost museum, the northernmost lighthouse and the End of the World Guesthouse that I don't recommend. Approximately 200 people live there in winter and a few more in summer. The next town is 20 kilometres far away and impossible to reach during one of the many snow storms in winter. Generally in winter people can only drive to the next town in convoy as naturally the icy roads are dangerous and are closed very often. Even though I visited the village in October, it was quite adventurous to get there.

I could have taken the plane from Tromso to Mehamn, the closest city to Gamvik, but as I'm slightly afraid of flying, there was no way I would board one of those bush planes that only have 20 seats. So I boarded the Hurtigruten cruise ship but as the weather was bad, I couldn't disembark in Mehamn or rather as I was the only one disembarking, the captain didn't want to risk going to Meham (the northermost port) just for me so I had to disembark in Kjöllefjord, take a taxi to Mehamn (which the cruise company paid for me) and from there drive to Gamvik with my host. You see, getting there isn't exactly easy and people are stuck in the village for days if the weather is really bad.

Luckily there is a supermarket in the village where you can get everything from winter and  rain clothes, tools, cleaning and household equipment to food, preferably shrink-wrapped as fruits wouldn't even make it there otherwise. It's not really necessary to say that everything is expensive, right?

Apart from that, the ocean and the tundra are the most remarkable things about Gamvik. I've never experienced such a beautiful scenery in my life before Gamvik and even though living there may be harsh, it is an absolutely stunning and wonderful place! I talked to a farmer there and he asked me what brought me there. I said "the Arctic". He replied: "That's what makes us stay here". And I can completely understand him! Anyway, without further ado I now want to present you the beauty of that place in a little long photo essay that I hope you'll enjoy.

Would you like to visit the northernmost village of Europe?


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