Travel Tuesday - Weekend in the Harz Mountains #1

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday! If you read my Sunday post, you already know that I went to the Harz Mountains a couple of weeks ago. It was my mum's birthday and my familiy usually does a trip somewhere around that time. We originally planned on visiting Berlin but then decided to visit the Harz Mountains and go hiking instead. I'm really glad we did that! The mountains offer the most stunning scenery and although we only live 2 hours away from it, we never managed to go there in over 20 years.

As I'm moving to Norway soon, it was about time that we took that trip and although I lived and studied in a similiar mountainous area for 3 years, the Harz Mountains appeared to be even more beautiful! I took lots and lots of pictures so this is only part 1 of the trip and part 2 follows next Tuesday. We went to the Harz on a Saturday and on our way to the hotel, we discovered a beautiful lake along the road. We stopped to take some pictures and the scenery was just gorgeous! You had to walk through the woods to get to the lake and to some rocks at the waterfront that were marked as the beach on the signs we followed. If we would have had more time, I would have totally plugged my feet into the water and pick-nicked on the rocks. We didn't do that but we had enough time to take lots of pictures. After a short stop at the hotel to leave our bags, we made our way to the cable car station in Braunlage, a small town in the Harz that totally lives from tourism. We wanted to go to the top of mountain Wurmberg, the highest mountain in Lower-Saxony and as the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms we thought it would be best to take the cable car instead of walking because you never know when the weather would change. I took the cable car in Tromso last year too and I was really frightened.

As long as I have terra firma under my feet, I'm not afraid of heights. I can climb towers and skyscrapers and feel totally fine. But as soon as I board a plane or something equally, let's say shaky, I'm out. So we decided to have a look at the cable cars first before we actually buy tickets and it turned out that the gondolas were only 5 to 10 metres above ground at any time which was nothing compared to the 400 metres in Tromso. So we bought the tickets and made our way up. It took us almost 15mins but the scenery was gorgeous and we could watch the mountain bikers underneath us.

cable car portrait with unbelievably pink hair thanks to the sun.....

me and my mum

 After we finally arrived on top of the Wurmberg Mountain, we explored the area a little. It turned out that the mountain was very touristy with sun enthusiasts sitting in the beer garden eating schnitzel. There was a ski jumping hill right next to the beergarden too with a view on Mountain Brocken, the highest one in the Harz Mountain Range.

I love to watch ski jumping on tv each winter but somehow I never managed to visit a ski jumping hill in winter but instead only in summer when there was 25 degrees....Anyway although it was very touristy on top of the mountain, we were glad we didn't take the train up to the Brocken. A return ticket would have cost 30€ for each of us and that is just a ridiculous price. It is the same I pay for the train from Oslo to Gothenburg in the summer and instead of half an hour, I'm on the road for 4 hours there. But the view on the Brocken was nice indeed and I even managed to take a picture of the train.

the top of the Brocken Mountain

Can you see the train?

After exploring the area a little and pick-nicking, we made our way to town again as the clouds were getting darker and darker. We were lucky as the thunderstorm only approached us after we took a stroll around town. In the evening we had dinner at the local Italian restaurant which was crowded and apparently the sentence "eat where the locals eat" was true as we were the only tourists in there and the food was delicious and prices moderate. Unfortunately all the hiking and the mountain air were too much for me as I fell into bed at 8.30pm with a serious headache. A little 10 hours nap fortunately cured me so I was ready to explore some towns and sights of the Harz the next day.

Pictures of typical Harz architecture, witches and kitsch follow next Tuesday so stay tuned! For now have a nice day and tell me where your last road trip took you!

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