Skansen Open-Air Museum / Stockholm Series #12

The Open-Air Museum Skansen is by far my favourite museum in Stockholm and should be on every travel itinerary if you visit the city. It is a little village in itself, showing you typical Swedish architecture over time. You can go inside some of the buildings to get a deeper insight in what life in rural Sweden must have been like in the 19th century. There are cafes where you can eat typical Swedish pastries, sandwiches or meatballs. You can also watch how Swedish handcraft is made and I can only recommend a visit to the glass blowing workshop on a cold day to warm up a little and also because it's really interesting to watch.

You can buy Swedish handcraft and candy after your visit but first you need to walk around the area for at least 2 hours to see everything but more to really enjoy everything. Skansen also exhibits Swedish animals and of course, zoos are always a tricky thing but at least they are kept on huge grounds and if you are a Sweden fan you want to see an elk at least once in your lifetime, right? So at Skansen you can see elks, reindeers, wolves, foxes, bears, owls and other animals. You can inform yourself about all these animal species and there were loads of people during my visit that really needed a bit of information. Where do you think the bears are in winter??....

Anyway right next to the reindeer grounds are the Sami tents and houses and you can learn some basic facts on how the Sami lived in the past. Skansen generally exhibits architecture and lifestyles of people from the north and south of Sweden so you make a little journey through Sweden while visiting the museum. You can also participate in typical Swedish festivities and for example celebrate Midsommar there. In the middle of the village is a market place with a bonfire in the winter and in summer you can buy all sorts of Swedish candy, hot dogs or handcraft at one of the various market stands. But more information later on. For now enjoy some pictures of the best museum in Stockholm!


- Skansen is the world's oldest open-air museum

- it was founded by Artur Hazelius in 1891

- Walpurgis Night, Midsommar, Sweden's national day, Lucia and Christmas are celebrated at Skansen

- the oldest building at Skansen is from the 14th century and comes actually from Norway

- besides the glass blowing workshop, there is also a pottery, an engraver's workshop, a bakery and a shoemaker

- the Skansen Aquarium exhibits about 200 species among which are crocodiles, snakes, lemurs, spiders, bats and parrots

How to get there:

- Bus 69 or 69K from Central Station towards Kaknästornet / stop: Djurgardsbron + 10 min walk

- Tram from Central Station towards Djurgarden / stop: Skansen

Opening hours:

10am to 3pm in winter and 10am to 10pm in summer

Entrance fee:

Adults: 100 SEK in winter / 160 SEK in summer

Children 6-15: 60 SEK

For more information visit:

I can recommend a visit to Skansen for couples, families, singles and everyone in between, aged 0-100! ;)

What do you think of open air museums? Could this one become your favourite museum in Stockholm too?

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