Photo of the Week: I'm Moving To The Arctic!!!!


It's official now and I can't be happier.

But let me start at the beginning, in case you're new to my blog.

I love the North and after graduating Uni with a BA in Germany, I knew it was time to make my dream of living in Scandinavia come true immediately. I took a gap year and enrolled in a one year distance program in Northern Studies at the University of Tromso in Northern Norway. It was at that time, that I discovered their Masters program in Indigenous Studies and I knew that it was exactly what I wanted.

I went to Norway in October, worked a couple of weeks in a guesthouse in the northernmost village of Europe and travelled to Tromso to find out what the city and the university are like. I fell in love with the city and to cut the story short: I applied for the Masters program once I was back in Germany and a couple of days ago, I was offered a place! I immediately accepted and booked a flight and that's it. I'm moving to the Arctic to pursue my grad studies at the northernmost university of the world. Isn't that crazy?!!

I still can't believe it. It's only 3 months until I move but it seems to be so far away. And I also still can't believe that I got a place as there were only 20 places available. It is so surreal! I probably have to change the name of my blog as i won't be on the road again that often when I'm living in Tromso.....

Anyway I have lots of stuff to organize before August and it's already driving me crazy!

But I will expand on this topic on Tuesday and for now I just wanted to let you know of the big news!

Be prepared for some moving chaos updates in upcoming Photo of the Week posts ;)

If you have tips on how to simplify the move abroad, give them to me! :)

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