The Ethnographic Museum / Stockholm Series #8

 As you may know I aim to do my Masters in Indigenous Studies and I've been interested in Anthropology for a long time. Now if someone in my little German village would have told me that you can do your Bachelors in that field, I would have done it but sadly there's either languages, medicine, law, business and economy or engineering to study in my little corner of Germany and the job advisor at my high school told me I should study journalism because of my interest for other cultures (WHAT??).

I ended up with a degree in English and Social Sciences (wow!) but decided in my gap year that I wanted to become an anthropologist or at least that I wanted to do my Masters in that field and then take whatever job I will be offered ;)

Anyway I visited a few museums when I was in Stockholm (like 10) and none interested me that much as the Ethnographic Museum. Now if you're not interested in exotic cultures, history and indigenous issues I understand that you won't likely visit this one. But let me explain you why you will have a great time there anyway!

 1. Participate in one of the first Arctic expeditions of discovery

2. Learn more about Christian missionaries in Africa

3. Get to know the man whose father was a cannibal

4. Try to not get lost in the great hall of artifacts from all over the world

5. Find out what indigenous peoples in the Arctic, Brazil and Australia have in common

6. Learn more about Native Americans

7. Ever heard about indigenous peoples in Japan?

8. Find out more about the journey of Aboriginal skeletons from Sweden to Australia

9. Do you know what these colossal figures have to do with African funeral ceremonies?

10. Ever seen a Mexican pueblo?

And last but not least, need some luggage for your next trip? ;)

I hope I could raise interest for this museum as I really had a great time there and NO I was not sponsored to write this. Below you'll find some useful information and my rating.


The Ethnographic Museum (Etnografiska Museet) is located in the East of Stockholm in Museiparken (a "museum park"). Take bus 69 or 69K towards Kaknästornet and get off at "Museiparken". It's then the red building on your left, opposite of the Police Museum.

When: Tuesdays till Sundays, 11am - 5pm (Wednesday open till 8pm)

Price: 80SEK (Children and Youth until the age of 19 free!!)

Highlights: The exhibition on indigenous peoples on three continents (Arctic, South America, Australia) and the hall of art and treausures from around the world but also the many films and audio snippets that are available on Arctic expeditions of discovery, Christian missionary in Africa and Aboriginal culture in Australia

Suitable for: Everyone with an interest in history, art, exotic cultures and indigenous issues. I don't think it's very suitable for children as all children I've seen there were just running around and screaming (that may has something to do with the Swedish way of raising children though). Nevertheless there is a workshop for children where you can let them play and work while you are in the exhibition.

Don't forget: Time as you could spend hours in there! (There also is a restaurant and museum shop where you can spend even more time ;))

Would you like to visit this museum now? Or have you been to a similar one somewhere else?

(Please note: I was not sponsored for this post)