Drottningholm Castle Revisited / Stockholm Series #9 + BLOG HOP!!!

I visited Drottningholm Castle for the first time in the summer of 2009. It was a warm Easter day and the sun shined from a blue sky. The second time I visited the castle was only recently in February 2014. It was freezing, below 0 degrees, windy and cloudy.So as I didn't enjoy the pictures I took that day I thought it would be a nice idea to show you the castle in both - summer and winter. I think it's quite easy to distinguish which pictures were taken at which time!

Drottningholm Castle is where the King and Queen of Sweden live. Drottning is the Swedish word for Queen and holm is the word for rock. Drottningholm therefore is situated on the Queen's rock in Bromma, about 10km in the north-west of Stockholm's city centre.It can be reached by boat during summer and by metro and bus during winter but more on that later!

If you can see the Swedish flag on the castle's rooftop then the Swedish Royal Family is home. As you can see they were there during my last visit though I didn't see them.I saw the Crown Princess and her family at the Royal Palace in the city centre but they live in their own castle, Haga, in the far north of the city, halfway to Arlanda Airport.

You can visit Drottningholm Castle and the Royal Palace in the city centre. On my first visit to Drottningholm I didn't went in but last time I took a guided tour through the right wing of the building. The rooms are gorgeous! Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures but believe me, it's worth a visit! I was only a little bit disappointed as the interiour of Drottningholm looks exactly like the interiour of the Royal Palace that I had visited shortly before.

So if you plan on going to Stockholm and visit one of the castles - choose Drottningholm! The ticket is cheaper than the Royal Palace one and you have a brilliant view on Lake Mälaren and can take a stroll through the Royal Garden. The Royal Palace offers nothing like that but should of course be visited for exteriour shots and a stroll through Stockholm's Old Town!

Certain parts of the garden at Drottningholm are open to the public and people who live near the castle go there to walk their dogs or to take a Sunday promenade. At the other end of the garden you'll find Kina Slott, a little chinese castle-like building with an exhibition and a cafe in it.

It's only open during the summer months though so I haven't visited it yet. Nevertheless the garden itself is beautiful, especially when the weather is great and you can walk around there for hours!

Another important thing about Drottningholm Castle is the change of the guard. You can of course watch it at the Royal Palace too. It's very pompous there but very intimate at Drottningholm. However unlike London, you can talk to all the guards in Stockholm!

Even if you don't want to take a guided tour and if you're not interested in the change of the guard - there's one thing you really shouldn't miss: the cafe at Drottningholm! I didn't visited it in 2009 but after walking through the garden for an hour in the cold in February, I really needed a cup of tea! I had the most delicious strawberry tea and princesstarta (marzipan cake) there. It was WONDERFUL!

So let's come to the basics now.

How to get there: Metro 17 towards Akeshov or Metro 19 towards Hässelby Strand / stop: Brommaplan / then Bus 301-323 or Bus 176-177 / stop: Drottningholm


January-March: Sat-Sun 12pm - 3.30pm

April: Fri-Sun 11am - 3.30pm

May-August: every day 10am - 4.30pm

September: every day 10am - 3.30pm

October: Fri-Sun 11am - 3.30pm

November-December: Sat-Sun 12pm - 3.30pm

Swedish and English (also Russian if required) guided tours always at 12pm and 14pm / in the summer also at 10am and 13pm

Entrance fee:

Adults 120SEK / Students 60SEK / Children (0-17) free


the view on Lake Mälaren

the interiour of the castle

the marzipan cake in the cafe

the garden

Suitable for:


Don't forget:

You have to leave backpacks in the (guarded) cloakro

om and it takes half an hour from the city centre to get to the castle. Restrooms are outside right opposite of the cafe and souvenir shop.

Tell me of your favourite castle! Where is it and what makes it so special?

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