My Top 5 Hideaways in Stockholm

Sunday is the day of relaxation right? And where do you go to when you want to relax in Stockholm?

No you don't visit a spa and you don't drive out to the archipelago. Stockholm may be the biggest city in Scandinavia and yet there are soooo many green and calm spots in the city centre where you completely forget about the fact that you're in Scandinavia's metropolis.

You don't have to drive far and you don't even have to leave the centre of the city. And I don't speak about green islands, like Djurgarden, or about central parks, but about little, calm, entrance free spots in the city centre that you wouldn't expect.

So today I want to present you my Top 5 Hideaways in Stockholm.


5. Helgeandsholmen - little island between the Royal Palace and the Royal Opera

+ right in the city centre / the Royal Palace, the Royal Opera and the Swedish Government are only a few metres far away

+ chance to sit by the water and watch how Lake Mälaren enters the Baltic Sea

+ great spot for lunch break or during a sightseeing tour as the sightseeing busses also leave just a few metres away and Gamla Stan is just around the corner

- not many benches around

- of course a bit noisy as you're right in the city


4. Gärdet - the area around Kaknästornet

+ a huge green oasis where you completely forget about the fact that you're staying in Stockholm right now

+ only 10min from the Central Station and a few metres to the Museum Park where the Ethnographic, the Police, the Marine and the Technical Museums are situated

+ climb Kaknästornet (TV Tower), the highest building of Sweden, where you can enjoy the area from above

- not quite the city centre

- no restaurants or restrooms nearby if you don't visit the TV Tower or one of the museums


3. Observatorielunden - looking on the city from above in Vasastan

+ central / right above Sveavägen and Odenplan

+ nice spot to look at the city from above

+ visit the Observatory that is also situated up there

+ or have a coffee and a piece of cake in the cafe you'll find up there

- a little bit noisy of course


2. Skinnarviksberget - looking on the city and Lake Mälaren from above in Södermalm

+ right in the heart of Södermalm

+ amazing view over the city and Lake Mälaren

+ much space as there also is a park surrounding the hill which offers you even more stunning views

+ a spot right on top of one of Stockholm's typical "malm" (rocks)

+ going for a picknick with your girlfriend or having a barbecue with your friends? this is the right place!

- again no restaurants or restrooms nearby

- you'd have to use the metro or bus to get here


1. Evert Taubes Terrass - sit by Lake Mälaren in Gamla Stan

+ situated right in Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town / a 10min walk from the Central Station

+ amazing view on Lake Mälaren

+ much space

+ great for lunch breaks, picknicks, evening drinks

+ restaurants and cafes nearby + a place you can't get bored of

- quite windy at times

- in summertime crowded with tourists


Tell me about your favourite hideaways in your city!