A Typical Swedish Town: Västeras

On my second weekend in Sweden I decided to go on a trip to Västeras. 

Situated at Lake Mälaren, about an hour from Stockholm, Västerås is a really nice town. I would even go so far as to say that Västeras is a typical Swedish small town, one of those that you imagine when thinking about Sweden. 

Luckily there was still some snow when I was there and the lake was still slightly frozen (although normally it is completely frozen and the ice is thick enough that you can walk on it but the past February has been unusually warm in the North). So anyway I managed to take some really nice pictures and I really enjoyed the view on the lake, although the wind was ice cold and I was freezing to death.

If you come to the city by bus or train you will be greeted by a beautiful park on your way into the city. I loved it!

 There even is a tree hotel in the park which you can stay in for a night in summertime - must be so beautiful!!

You also pass the castle of Västeras which doesn't really look like a castle on first sight.

You then come to the old town of Västeras which is absolutely stunning. It's Sweden at its best. Sweden as I always imagined it to be after reading all those Astrid Lindgren novels.

On my stroll through the old town I saw a sign pointing north saying that the open air museum of Västeras was to find in that direction. As I didn't find any maps at the train station and didn't want to go to the tourist information to get one, I decided to follow the sign and go to the museum as I didn't really know what else to do with my time. Let me say this right away: I never got there.

But I saw some nice corners of Västeras and the university instead.

I ended up in the Västmanlandsmuseum which is in the same building as the arts museum of Västeras, and spent my time there and in the nearby shopping centre.

 It's a 1 hour train and 1  1/2 hours bus ride from Stockholm and I can only recommend you to visit Västeras when you are staying in Stockholm. Västeras is not the usual destination as most tourists go to Uppsala for a day trip.

Västeras offers you the typical Sweden, typical Swedish architecture, typical Swedish food and many many nice views on Lake Mälaren. And if you manage to find the open air museum (or just take the bus that goes there) you will definitely have a nice day there. 

Have you ever been to a place you would describe as typical for a certain country or region? If so, which one?

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