The Wild Animals of Edinburgh

Whilst in Edinburgh I decided to visit the Zoo, mainly to see the Koalas as I've never seen Koalas before and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to go to Australia anytime soon. To get this out of the way: Yes I  do think that animals should live in freedom BUT for certain animal races, especially the endangered and unfamiliar/unpopular ones, zoos aren't that bad.

They teach people about those animals and inform them about the importance to save endangered species. So as long as the animals have a relatively spacious enclosure and as long as they are not forced to do ridiculous things, I don't think that zoos are that bad and for most Western European ones these terms apply.

The Edinburgh Zoo is not that big but absolutely beautiful. It is situated below a hill, which you have to go up if you want to see the zebras and lions. On top of that hill you find a picnic area with an amazing view on the city. Especially in summer, this must be lovely.

Besides an amazing view, the zoo of course also has some animals.....koalas, pandas, lions, jaguars, wildcats, penguins, rhinos, zebras, sea eagles, a lot of monkeys and many many smaller animals. Seeing the koalas was the best animal encounter of that day especially because there was a baby koala.....soooooo cute!!! But the lions were also amazing, watch the video and you see why ;)

I can definitely recommend a visit to Edinburgh Zoo, not just for families but for everyone else too. You can find some animals there, that you have never seen before (i.e. the world's smallest deer) and also those you always wanted to see. For me personally it was also a great opportunity to explore my new camera's functions and I was able to took some pretty interesting shots - I hope you liked them!

this is a deer!