Royal Edinburgh

So as I mentioned in my last post, Edinburgh has a few royal sights: the Castle, Holyrood Palace and the Royal Yacht Britannia. I've visited all of them and am still fascinated. I mean I've visited places the Queen has been or still is using, where she eats, where she once slept.....

I've seen the dining room in Holyrood Palace where she sits and eats with the world's most important politicians (and she doesn't sit at the end of the table as I always thought but in the middle to make conversation easier). I've also seen the Honeymoon Suite of Charles and Diana on the Royal Yacht.....soooo awesome!

Probably for Scots this isn't fascinating at all but as I come from a country where we haven't had royals for more than a 100 years, I always get excited when I come to a country that still has kings and queens. And if we still had them in Germany, you probably wouldn't be able to visit their castles, let alone come near them.

I love how the staff at those sights make you really feel welcome and at eye level. I mean I walked with fake Dr Martens on a super super expensive carpet in Holyrood Palace, looking at super old and expensive paintings, feeling really really small and poor and the staff even complimented my shoes (imagine a 40 year old German complimenting someone on fake Dr Martens, this is definitely only possible in Britain and it is one of the many many things why I love this island :D).

I love how the Royals let you visit their castles and palaces in Britain and how nice you are treated there. There is no snobbism - at least I haven't experienced any in Scotland. And the Crown can see them in Edinburgh's Castle, amazing isn't it?

But okay, let's talk about the sights. So Edinburgh Castle is on a hill in the city centre at one end of the Royal Mile. At the other end you find Holyrood Palace, therefore it's the Royal Mile ;)

Edinburgh Castle:

Holyrood Palace:

I can only recommend to visit both, the castle and the palace, when you are in Edinburgh. The castle offers you great architecture and amazing views on Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth (I'll come to the views and pictures later on) whereas you find amazing paintings and nicely decorated rooms in the palace.

Next to the palace you can also find the Scottish Parliament (which you can visit for free) and Arthur's Seat (the volcano) and it isn't far to Calton Hill (the small volcano) from there so the other end of the Royal Mile is definitely worth a visit!

The Scottish Parliament:

Arthur's Seat in the background:

I also went to Leith, where the Royal Yacht Britannia is situated in the Ocean Terminal, which basically is just one of the usual shopping malls only that it is at the waterfront. I really enjoyed this visit. One reason for that is that I simply love the sea and harbours and ships (although I do get seasick but that's another topic).

Another reason is that they created a little time travel on the yacht. On the upper decks you feel like you are in the 1960s. That is where you find the bedrooms, offices, the huge dining room and the huge living room of the royals. Everywhere are nice pictures of the royal family as if they still spend their summers on the ship.

On the lower decks you are in the 1980s. That is where the sailors had their bedrooms and their pub. It isn't meant to be a time travel but it just feels like it. They cared for details and this is why a visit to the yacht is so rewarding. They even opened a cafe on the yacht for visitors where you can get fancy expensive food and get treated like a princess :)

So if you are going to Edinburgh, don't miss the royal sights!!