Snow in Tromso is a travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on Northern Europe.

It is dedicated to travellers and future expats, giving insight into life in Scandinavia and presenting unique travel destinations throughout Northern Europe and the Arctic. 



Snow in Tromso has been founded in 2014 and has gained over 16000 engaged followers on various social media channels so far.

To be able to provide my readers with even more information and tips about visiting the Nordics, Snow in Tromso is open for collaboration with hotels, restaurants and tour operators throughout Scandinavia, and Northern Norway in particular.


Why work with a blogger?

People want to hear other traveller's experiences before they embark on a trip.

Many travellers of my generation therefore go to Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs like this one to get inspiration and information for their next trip, rather than just browsing corporate websites. 

With 5000 followers on Instagram, 6000 followers on Pinterest, a monthly Facebook reach of up to 8000 people and over 2000 blog readers via RSS, I speak directly to your target audience of people wanting to visit the Nordics.

Thus a collaboration with me ensures you to reach potential customers and that way, gain sales leads.


What does a collaboration entail?

A collaboration with Snow in Tromso would result in a detailed review post (and if possible a video) of your product on my blog, as well as coverage on my social media channels. On request, you can also hire me to help you with your digital platforms.

*Please note: My partner Simon might accompany me on a trip to help out with photography/filming and live coverage on social media, resulting in even more content about your brand. 

For more information, just contact me via or download my media kit here. You can also have a look at my past work with brands and the reviews I’ve written, below.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


A Little Bit About Me

I’ve spent the last 6 years at uni doing cultural and social studies and got a BA in English Literature, Culture and Media, as well as Northern Studies and Social Science, and an MPhil in Indigenous Studies.

I love writing cultural observations and exploring places off the beaten path and have a special interest in Scandinavia and the Arctic.

In the past, I’ve been working as a freelance writer for local newspapers and now have a full-time job as digital marketing consultant. 

If need be, you can however hire me to write an article and/or provide you with photos for your website. I can also give you advice about how to optimize your Instagram or Pinterest channel or even do a takeover for you.


previous collaboration partners

Vulkana Spa Tromso (Feb 2017)

myLike Blog (ongoing, since Oct 2016)

Arctic Explorer (Nov 2016)

Tromso Camping (Feb 2016)


H2O Restaurant Hamburg (Dec 2015)

Scandic Hotel Emporio (Dec 2015)

!Mo Camera Straps (Nov 2015)

Lofoten Suite Hotel (Oct 2015)


Examples of my work

Here you can find more examples of my work. If you’d like me to write an article for your website, contact me at



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