Celebrating Norway's National Day
-db51-4ccf-8bf7-65388664c9f6 (1) On May 17, every town and every village around Norway has its own norway Norway which I still find pretty weird as a German. I mean, what's a summer afternoon at the beach being woken by march music isn't exactly a nice start to celebrate Norway's National Day but I managed Celebrating Norway's National Day actually over so let's get this started :) Norway's National Day, celebrated on May 17, is a HUGE deal
Norway FAQ
Norway FAQ All you need to know About Visiting Norway
Moving to Norway - Expectations vs. Reality
P1110282-vert Okay, I knew that Norway would be expensive and I knew that I would have to spend my wanted to move to SWEDEN. Didn't really expect to move to Norway one day but that's what happened norway less on food and cosmetics. I'm still pretty shocked by the prices in Norway though.   Culture moving to norway Norway/Tromso?? We'll see which country the future holds for me but Norway isn't the one even though I Life in Norway Swedish one. You see, I experienced a lot of surprises these past 4 months in Norway because of that Moving to Norway - Expectations vs. Reality
Reflections on Winter Depression, Happiness and Leaving Tromso
norway Life in Norway , even if you love it. Which means that I don't hate Norway just because I find Norwegian cuisine dull
6 Ingredients for a Norwegian Easter Vacation
shown during Easter on TV. Basically, Easter in Norway means crime novels and crime shows!   5 norway novels have become really popular here in Norway during Easter so everyone buys a few before heading Life in Norway Norway it is completely filled with candy. In the supermarkets the candy aisle gets ridiculously big or two together. Those board games can be Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Geni (Norway’s answer to Trivial For some reason, crime novels have become really popular here in Norway during Easter so everyone
All about Polar Night – or as I like to call it: Is it evening already?
entire life in Norway and has grown up between the Norwegian/Swedish and the Sámi way of life. He norway and it’s situated between Norway and the North Pole. The island itself stretches from 74 to 81 Life in Norway between 30000 and 40000 sun buns just for Tromso! Next, Svalbard. It’s Norway’s northernmost island northern norway
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Housing in Tromso
norway though. Learn Norwegian Nobody expects you to speak Norwegian fluently upon arrival in Norway but most or not he's willing to provide a testimonial In Norway/Tromso, many landlords want to see Life in Norway in Norway, though it's considerably smaller than Finn and most ads are outdated. But maybe you're nice. 1.Finn.no Finn is the biggest platform in Norway for finding housing, jobs, holidays and things Norway is expensive and most people here prefer to buy an apartment rather than renting it as housing In Norway/Tromso, many landlords want to see testimonials from former places you've lived in to
Photo Essay: Gamvik - The Northernmost Village of Europe
Norway. I stayed in the northernmost community of Europe, which I want to present today before I leave on my Scandinavian Road Trip in a few hours! norway Norway. I stayed in the northernmost community of Europe, which I want to present today before I northern norway
A Stroll Through Tromso
norway focusses on the indigenous people of Norway and the Polar Museum which is right in the city centre and the town with the most pubs and bars in regard to its inhabitants in the whole Norway. If that isn't northern norway
100th Post | I Moved To The Arctic
norway northern norway
An Arctic Winter through Instagram - My Favourite #snowintromso Pictures
Life in Norway
Living the Nordic Way // Apartment Tour in Tromsø
to Norway to do my Masters, I suddenly couldn't afford to live on my own anymore. Rental rates in norway , Clas Ohlson, Princess and Kid which basically are your cheapest options in Norway when it comes to Life in Norway having a separate kitchen but unfortunately that's not really common in Norway. Scandinavian Design The Norway are double as high as what I was used to in Germany and it's common for students to either
A Summer in Northern Norway in Pictures
South! How's your summer so far? Any trips to "Syden" on your schedule? Summertime in Northern Norway - what's it really like? Pin it for later! A Summer in Northern Norway in Pictures So you're planning on visiting Northern Norway in summer? Don't say I didn't warn you! Summer in norway Life in Norway northern norway
2 Years in Norway - Looking Back and Ahead
hunting in Norway is no fun. It's common to simply not hear back from applications and not even to be norway 2 Years in Norway - Looking Back and Ahead Being an Expat in Norway? Wonder what that's like? Is it all admiring the Northern Lights all night I've been living in Norway for 2 years now and boy, it doesn't feel like I've actually been here Life in Norway Norway wasn't always easy but at least everything turned out alright in the end and I started my current airports in Norway and deciding on a place I want to move to next summer when both, my job and our clue about what I wanted to be doing anyway. Looking Back When I came to Norway two years ago, the and seeing reindeer all day? I'm sharing the ups and downs of my second year as an expat in Northern Norway with you!
Late Winter - Why February to April is the Best Season in Northern Norway
norway still celebrated all over Northern Norway. In Tromso, the sun came back on 21 January and we celebrated parts of Europe already prepare for spring, we here in Northern Norway prepare for the best part of , March and April usually are in Tromso and Northern Norway so you know what to expect when visiting winter - the bright one! As you may know, Northern Norway experiences polar night between late November April (or late March, depending on the year) is the month of Easter and traditionally in Norway northern norway Late Winter - Why February to April is the Best Season in Northern Norway
3 Things you need to do before visiting Tromso
actually come here is not just important to know what you need to pack. Tromso (and Norway in norway northern norway
P - Polaria | ABC's of Tromso
norway northern norway
Photo Essay: Tromso from above
norway northern norway
An Evening at the Beach
norway northern norway
The First Snow Of The Season
norway to apply for my Norwegian social security number. So I'm officially a resident of Norway now and as northern norway the police station yesterday to register myself in Norway and also managed to go to the tax office
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