February Update

A February update... should be relatively easy to write, right?! It's so not! I had incredibly wonderful days this past month but I also had incredibly horrible ones. A chronological order therefore might help.

At the beginning of the month I worked at a congress and a conference that were held in accordance with Sami Week in Tromso and Sami People's Day on February 6th. It was a really busy and stressful week and I worked for 17 hours on one day but it also was so much fun! I just love to organise things, run around and "look important" and I got to do all these things during that week and absolutely enjoyed it! I mean I love my job but I usually just sit in the office and do stuff on the computer so it was a nice change to actually DO stuff. It was also really nice to meet indigenous peoples from all over Scandinavia and Russia even though I only could communicate with the latter via hand gestures...


 February also was the month that brought us a lot of snow. We had to endure a couple of snowstorms and although I totally hate this weather, I loved how much snow we suddenly had in town. Even more beautiful on those rare occasions when the sun comes out!


When it comes to uni, let's just say the semester has fully kicked off now. I've spent 5 days a week at uni in February, studying, working or attending classes for around 9 hours a day. I know that's basically a normal full-time job but I'm still not really used to this. I rarely ever was at uni during undergrad studies (or so it feels like) and a 5 day week just was very new to me. I'm getting used to it though and the reading room literally is my second home now, as sad as that may sound... Also my Master's thesis is coming together quite well. I'll write about museum representation of Inuit culture in Denmark (and maybe Greenland if I get to go there... my supervisor is very optimistic about it - and I'm very German about it but we'll see...).

On a positive note: I got to meet two fellow bloggers this past month and I absolutely enjoyed it! I mean I totally envy all those bloggers that live in London and get to attend afternoon tea meet-ups! So I'm really excited whenever someone comes to Tromso and wants to meet me! Last year I got to meet Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi and last month I met Sara from Big World Small Me plus Antonio who just moved to Tromso and is a fellow expat blogger here. I don't know why that is but whenever I meet up with you guys, it feels like I'm escaping my real life. Not that my real life is bad but it's a nice change to meet complete strangers and talk about blogging instead of meeting the people that you already see at uni all the time and talk about uni (no offense, I love you guys but still....). So please, if you're coming to Tromso and want to grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, shoot me an email!

What else was there in February...

- My roommate (the stupid one) has become even more obnoxious so there's no way I'll be staying here for another 1 1/2 years so cheers to another move later this year!

- I've decided to finally get that tigh tattoo that I wanted for 2 years now this year and another small tattoo on my ribcage. No idea how I'll pay for that but I'll get them!

- I was chosen to be part of the admission committee of my study program and am able to decide in a team who's going to join us next year, so exciting!

- My Norwegian skills are totally going down the drain as I switched to speaking English with my roommate (the awesome one) and started listening to German radio (1Live cause I miss the SEKTOR) and because I've been listening to German artists over and over these past couple of weeks (will forever love Thees Uhlmann and Casper)

- dyed my hair pastel pink-ish which you can totally not see on the following picture but I'll post it anyway (I SO missed having dyed hair!!)

So I guess that's all there was in February. I'll be going back to Germany for Easter in two weeks and am so excited!! Can't wait to see what March holds for me but I have the feeling that it's going to be good!

What I've been listening to:

- Thees Uhlmann

- Casper

- Ghost of Tom Joad

- Feist

- First Aid Kit

What I've been watching:

- God Help The Girl

- The Good Wife

- Hinterland

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How has your February been like? And what are your plans for March?

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