U - University | ABC's of Tromso

The very last post of my ABC's of Tromso series and to be honest, I'm glad to get this over with. When I started this series I wanted to give you an overview of the most important things the city and its surroundings have to offer for tourists and to get to know the area better myself. I hope that I've been successful with the former but certainly not with the latter.

Nonetheless I wanted to finish the series properly and why not do so by presenting the university? After all, it's the one thing that got me to Tromso in the first place and it's also the main reason why my time here hasn't exactly been like I imagined it.

Plus, it's the northernmost university of the world (and one of its campuses even is halfway between Norway and the North Pole - in Svalbard), it's a very small and cosy university with only about 10000 students and it offers free seminars, conferences and lectures for outsiders regularly and that's why I wanted to present it to you - a potential tourist.

Of course, if you come to Tromso you're most likely on the hunt for the Northern Lights. However if you should belong to the rare species of people who are interested in the cultural life of Tromso, then the university is one of the places you should visit, next to Polaria, Tromso Museum, Polar Museum, Perspektivet Museum and the Mack Brewery.

Right next to the campus, you can find the university planetarium where you can not only observe the Northern Lights but which also hosts a science centre with exhibitions on Arctic climate, energy, environment and more. I haven't visited it so far (what a surprise) but it's definitely on my list.

Apart from the science centre (and Tromso Museum which is part of the university and which will eventually move from the city centre to the campus too), there are several interesting events at the university each week, most of them for free! I myself will attend a seminar on Arctic careers next week (which is funny as I complained about Tromso a lot in my last posts but nevermind) and there also will be a seminar called "The North - Cooler than you think" which is hosted by the prime minister of Finland at the same time.

Last semester I also attended a conference on Greenland at the university where the "famous" (definitely in Scandinavia, no idea if elsewhere too) Danish author Kim Leine was present and talked about his life in Greenland and his novels about it. It was in Norwegian (I understood most of it) but there are a lot of talks and events in English too so if you happen to visit Tromso, check out the university's homepage and maybe you'll discover an event that interests you too?