My ABC's of Travel

I thought I'd join the "ABC's of Travel" prompt today that has been going on in the blogosphere for a while now and that has already been written by such lovely ladies as Casey, Kiki and Bailie. To spruce things up a little I thought of some new questions which I hope you'll enjoy!

All-Inclusive Holidays? - Plenty. This is how I started travelling. My family and I spend countless summers in Ibiza, Mallorca, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and although I loved them as a child, I'm not that into 30 degrees and sunbathing anymore. Besides, I don't have the money for an all-inclusive holiday anyway....

Best Budget Destination? - I guess, the cheapest destination I've been to was Prague. Especially now that I live in Norway, I can't believe how cheap things were in Prague. However I've been there when I was 18 so I bet, Prague isn't that cheap anymore....

Holiday Crush? - I immediately had this picture in mind when I thought of this question, no idea why though. To be honest, I can't really recall any holiday crushes so I guess, I have to travel more....ohh and in case you wondered, I'm the one with the extremely big head and the extremely weird smile, of course.....

Dream Destinations? - Greenland, Alaska, The Pacific Northwest, Iceland, Svalbard, Russia (weird choices, right?)

Easter Break Abroad? - This may sound like a strange question but actually I love to spend easter break abroad. It's off season so it's usually not as crowded as in the summer and therefore less expensive and also you have better odds for great weather than during autumn. Relatively at least.

Favourite Destination? - Tromso. But as I live here now, I think it doesn't count so I go for Edinburgh.

Best Gelato Abroad? - Ben & Jerry's, Stockholm. Eaten at the waterside on Riddarholmen. Beautiful views and delicious ice-cream is the best thing! And I used to do that quite often when I lived in Stockholm....

Second Home? - Definitely Stockholm but I felt quite at ease in Scotland too so I would love to live there for a while someday.

Favourite Island? - Tromso but it's quite big so I go for Marstrand in the Gothenburg archipelago.

Longest Journey? - There were many. But as I haven't left Europe so far, an 8 hours journey is already long for me. Tromso-Germany is such a route and the train ride from Germany to Lyon, France, was. However the worst and longest journey was going by night bus from Malmö back to Germany.....this journey deserves its own post and I already know the title "How to survive a journey with Eurolines" - stay tuned!

Souvenir Kitsch? - I used to buy a lot of kitschy souvenirs on my first trips abroad. Everything from Swedish flags, elk mugs and "I love Sweden" key chains.....I don't buy souvenirs at all nowadays though.

Luggage Losses? - I really don't want to jinx it (although I probably do that right now) but fortunately none so far!

Best Meal Abroad? - After spending almost a month in the northernmost village of Europe with a poor host, eating nothing but rolls and vegan stir-fry, I couldn't wait to get some fries on the cruise ship back to Tromso and a pizza when I was back in the city. Can't describe how delicious these meals were after that time!

Northermost Destination? - The already mentioned northernmost village of Europe which is Gamvik in the Finnmark county of Northern Norway. Beautiful village for sure!

Oddest Experience On The Road? - People seem to experience the strangest things on the road and I would love to be like them. Instead I'm the one doing strange things on the road like going into a Tapas restaurant in Sweden ordering a potato dish without realizing that Tapas are in fact, really really tiny dishes from which you have to order plenty......The looks the waitress gave me are hilarious though in hindsight, but what can I say? Grew up in the middle of nowhere - I really had no clue.....

Postcards? - As with souvenirs, I used to collect them but don't buy them as keepsakes for myself anymore. I do however like to receive postcards from places of my bucket list - like this one from the lovely Polly!

Quick Trips? - I love to go on short trips! And with that I don't mean weekend trips but those really short stopovers. I spend 2 hours in Hammerfest, 6 hours in Riga and 8 hours in Copenhagen (twice)....

Royal Sightings? - I saw the Swedish Royals in Stockholm this year and as I'm writing this, the Crown Prince of Norway is in Tromso. He actually spend the day on campus but I only saw his four BMW's and security guards....maybe next time! I actually would love to see the British Royals but I know that this won't happen anytime soon....though it was quite cool to visit the Queen's Royal Yacht in Edinburgh!

Solo-Travel? - YESYESYES! I love to travel on my own. Mainly because I can do whatever I want - as if I couldn't do that all year round, I know. But there is something about solo travel that just makes you feel good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin and also, I think you can live much more in the moment and enjoy places if you're on your own.

Train Journeys? - So many! Most of them within Germany though, one from Germany to France, one from Norway to Sweden and a couple within Sweden. I love to go by train in Scandinavia as you can book your seats in advance and in quiet compartments (which simply don't exist in Germany). Also the view out of the train is much better if you're in Scandinavia but that's just my own, biased opinion ;)

Underage Travels? - My first underage journey abroad without my parents was to Lyon to do a 2 week French course. I think I was 16 then and until my 18th birthday (which I actually spend in Prague and no, it was not at all as you'd imagine) I went to Stockholm, Trondheim (Norway) and Ibiza (Spain) without my parents.

Most Beautiful Views? - I have this habit of having to capture every city I visit from above. You get the best pictures and views that way so I think the most beautiful views are overlooking Tromso from mountain Storsteinen, overlooking Stockholm from Skinnarviksberget and overlooking Riga from that church tower (whose name I totally forgot).

Natural Wonders? - I think you could call the Northern Lights a natural wonder, right? I've seen them now a couple of times in Tromso but still haven't managed to capture them.....

X-Mas Abroad? - So far, I haven't spend Christmas abroad and as I'm going home for Christmas, I also won't this year. As December has also always been kind of an exam month, I also never travelled anywhere around Christmas time but I would love to spend one Christmas in Finland as that is where Santa lives of course ;)

Yards Walked? - To be honest, I'm such a couch potato when I'm at home. I don't really like to walk for miles if I don't have to. But whenever I travel I suddenly get so much energy that I just spend my days walking around and collapsing into bed in the evenings. I love that feeling though ;)

Time-Zones Visited? - 2. The British and the Latvian one. Not so impressive, is it?! But at least I didn't have to deal with jetlag....

Feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments or join the prompt and send me the link!