Photo of the Week: Malmö, Sweden

Happy Sunday y'all! This week's photo leads you to Malmö, Sweden, or better to Limhamn from which you have an awesome view on the Öresundsbridge. Most people don't even know the city as everyone wants to visit Stockholm first when going to Sweden and those who visit Copenhagen are so fascinated of this city that they don't think about crossing the border to get to Sweden. Copenhagen and Malmö are only 30mins apart from each other (however when there is a train strike, it takes you 2 hours) and although they're are situated in two different countries and two different parts of Scandinavia, they are connected through the Öresundbridge.It was built not so long ago and it changed the Öresundregion aka the area around Copenhagen and the area around Malmö, completely! Because of the bridge, commuting became easier and thus a lot of Swedes are now working in Copenhagen as they are being payed much more there and a lot of Danes are now living in Malmö as apartment prices and rents are much lower there. Signs on trains and busses are usually in Danish, Swedish and English of course and there even is this Danish/Swedish TV series called "Bron" or "The Bridge" in English which starts with a dead body being found on the Öresundbridge, one half in Denmark and one half in Sweden. Police forces from both countries then have to cooperate in the investigation.

The series is amazing and they're already producing a third season. It was actually filmed in Danish and Swedish, that is to say the Danes speak Danish in the series and the Swedes naturally speak Swedish. Even though Scandinavian languages are all very familiar, Swedish people (and me) have problems understanding Danish as the Danes always speak as if they have one of their traditional hot dogs (polser) in their mouths! There are subtitles though and as far as I know the series was dubbed into German and English and ran in both of these countries too.

But enough on that now. The bridge is a sight of Malmö and although there is a lot more you can visit in both, Malmö and Copenhagen, a visit to and a ride over the bridge should be on your list when you're in the region. The view when you're on the bridge, no matter whether you're going by car, bus or train, is just amazing!! Have you ever experienced such a strong cooperation between two totally different countries?