Photo of the Week: Lund, Sweden

Ever heard of Lund? No? Well, you should!

Lund is a wonderful little town! I visited it when I stayed in Malmö a couple of weeks ago and it was just so charming!

It's an old university town (actually the oldest university of Sweden is situated there) and was part of Denmark for quite a while. It's 30 mins from Malmö and worth a day trip even if you're staying in Copenhagen.

Lund is full of amazing architecture, neat corner shops and bakeries, and students from all over the world. As I visited in summer, most of the students were gone and the town was rather quiet but still enjoyable. I also loved how compact the city centre is. You walk out of the central station and within 2mins you find yourself in beautiful alleyways and next to beautiful old buildings. It took us only 10mins to get to the must-see's of Lund: the university and the cathedral which are right next to each other.

The building you can see on the picture is part of the university campus (there is a bigger campus outside the city centre). I don't need to say that the building was beautiful, do I?

Every year at the beginning of June (correct me if I'm wrong) the graduation ceremony of Lund University takes place at exactly that place and I've seen dozens of pictures of students in gown and graduation cap in front of the gorgeous cathedral.

I will of course write a detailed report on Lund later on but for now let me just say that the cathedral is a must-see. It's free to enter and there even are catacombs.

5mins from the Cathedral there is an open-air museum called Kulturen that you should visit! It consists of about 40 buildings of various ages and you can enter most of them. In many of those buildings you can find various exhibitions on contemporary and ancient Sweden and Swedish culture. I can't really compare it to Skansen in Stockholm or Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo as it was much smaller though I definitely enjoyed its compactness.....

So I hope this little sneak-peak made you want to visit this beautiful little Swedish town!

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Have you ever visited an open air museum?