Photo of the Week: Vast Tundra in Northern Norway

This week's photo leads us back to where my blog started: Northern Norway. You sure know this by now but I volunteered in the northernmost village of Europe which is Gamvik in Norway. I will finally talk about this time on Tuesday so stay tuned for that!

The picture was taken in my first week there, shortly after a hail storm, so it's not just snow on the road. It may look like I was in the middle of nowhere and if you consider that it is the northernmost village in Europe, I definitely was. However I was just 5 mins away from the village walking the dog. Having a husky on the leash while taking pictures wasn't exactly easy and not every picture turned out well. Anyway I really like this one as it shows how vast the tundra is. It looks like the clouds barely make it over the hills and then the road looks like it's leading to nowhere....

There was a little canyon and a creek not far away and it was really relaxing to just sit on a rock in the middle of the tundra. Well until the husky discovered a dead raven and decided to play with it....

I didn't feel like being at the end of the world but I guess the picture says something different. Now imagine it being windy and getting dark at 3pm and temperatures around 0 degrees....

You rather stay where you are, right?

Well, trust me. You have to experience the tundra at least once. It's stunning and I'm really looking forward to going hiking in the tundra again once I moved to Northern Norway.

Come on, anyone on the same page with me when it comes to remote places?

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