Photo of the Week: Marstrand, Sweden

Hej from Malmö y'all! This is my last day in Sweden and I'm heading towards Germany tonight and hopefully arriving there at some point tomorrow morning (going by bus, oh my....). Whereas the weather wasn't so great the last couple of days, I enjoyed some beautiful summer days in Gothenburg and drove out to the west coast archipelago on Monday.

I visited Marstrand which is a beautiful little sea side town, situated on the main land and on an island, one hour from Gothenburg. It simply is an amazing town and a beautiful island and although only rich people can afford to actually live there, I never felt out of place during my visit (which I often did in Oslo where apparently being rich and beautiful is a must if you want to live in certain parts of the city).

Marstrand offers you a beautiful beach, where my forehead got so sunburned that it matched my hair, amazing views on the ocean, an old defence wall and castle and many many trails throughout the island where I felt like being in Spain at times. I hadn't heard of the island before I went to Gothenburg but it seems to be a popular destination among Swedes and Germans (yes, Germans are everywhere and apparently they always have to fight in public during their holidays as I've already encountered this scenario twice in one week......).

Anyway, I really enjoyed my day out on the island and have to admit that I like the west coast archipelago even more than the one near Stockholm and it seems that the weather is better there too. Not to forget that Gothenburg is absolutely beautiful and so much calmer than Oslo or Stockholm. It's not very popular among foreign tourists though as everyone first seems to think about Stockholm when planning a visit to Sweden but you should definitely consider a visit to the west coast too. I promise, it's an area you'll fell in love with at first sight!

(Please note: I'm currently on vacation and although I still reply to every comment, it may take a while!)

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