Photo of the Week: Gothenburg, Sweden

As you may know I visited Gothenburg last week. I've never been to the city before and didn't anticipate too much for my visit and thus was positively surprised. Gothenburg is way more than an industrial harbour city - it's a charming and calm spot beautifully situated at the ocean and the even more stunning

Gothenburg archipelago

.After having been in Oslo which was rather noisy and crowded, it was so great to come to a calm and quiet city. I really enjoyed doing a boat sightseeing tour, strolling along the old town and relaxing in a park next to the canal. Luckily the weather was great and after a day spent in the sun, my forehead got sunburned. Nevertheless I had an amazing day which started with the boat tour, then I had lunch in Haga which is the old town of Gothenburg and the most charming neighbourhood right next to the city centre (which you can see on the picture).

I visited the World Culture Museum afterwards and although I was a little bit disappointed as it only offers three exhibitions and a fourth one for which you have to pay extra, they had an impressive photo exhibtion on Modern Africa.

In the afternoon I went to the Maritime Museum where I had a blast! This museum consists of 10 ships that are situated right next to Gothenburg's famous Lipstick Tower and yes, they are all docked in the harbour and not inside a building. No wonder I got sunburned. Anyway it's an amazing museum and although I almost got stuck with my backpack trying to enter a submarine and knocked my head on the way out, it's one of the best museums I ever visited. Also the fish 'n' chips in the museum restaurant are delicious! I could have spend a lot more time there but would have probably gotten a worse sunburn.

More pictures of Gothenburg will follow soon! Have you ever visited a city that totally surprised you in a positive way?

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