Photo of the Week: The Road to the End of the World

I've shared this picture on Instagram and in this week's photo challenge but I thought it was time to finally tell you the story behind it. This roads leads to the North Cape which is known as the northernmost point of Europe and therefore the end of the world although it's not. Anyway when I was on my way to Gamvik, the real northernmost point of Europe, where I volunteered in a guesthouse, I stopped at the North Cape. Or better: I took the Hurtigruten cruise ship from Tromso to Mehamn which passes the North Cape on the way and I disembarked in Honningsvag to participate in a trip to the North Cape. This trip will be a topic of TravelTuesday soon so for now let me tell you that midway to the cape, we stopped at a Sami camp.

For those who are not familiar with the Sami yet, they are the indigenous people of Scandinavia. So anyway, we stopped there, took some pictures of reindeers and Sami housing and while we were there I more or less accidentally took this picture. I mean I wanted to take a picture of the scenery on purpose though the van was in the picture accidentally. I realized only when I was back in Germany what a great shot I actually managed to take here. The road that seems to lead to nowhere with the gray sky and the vast tundra.....somehow melancholic isn't it?! If I may say so, I just love the picture and my mum actually asked me to print it out after she saw it on Instagram because she wanted to hang it up in the living room ;)

Anyway the picture depicts the wonderful golden colours of the tundra in autumn perfectly (as it was taken in October, although only minutes later we found ourselves in a snow storm). I would love to go back to the North Cape, preferably in the summer this time. Not that it would be any warmer - no - it would just lead to some more great shots due to the midnight sun.

So I really hope I can board the Hurtigruten again in the next two years when I'll be living in Tromso.

For now, tell me if you're a fan of remote destinations!






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