Photo of the Week: The North Cape

As I still have no news about my Master's application yet, we will have to make do with a Travel Throwback. I posted this photo of the North Cape on Instagram this week and I thought it would be a great post for this little series. While the story of my Hurtigruten cruise and my trip to the North Cape are topics for a Travel Tuesday, I want to at least tell you a bit about the North Cape itself.

First of all IT IS NOT THE NORTHERNMOST POINT OF EUROPE! NO! The North Cape is situated on an island and even if you would count that too, there is a rock right next to the North Cape that lies a few metres further in the North but that is not accessible for cruise tourists. And if you count islands too, then Spitzbergen would be the northernmost point, however it's 2000 miles far away from Norway.

The real northernmost point of continental Europe is the Nordkynpeninsula. It is not far from the northernmost community of Europe, Gamvik, where I spend a couple of weeks last autumn and where I also visited the northernmost lighthouse of Europe, Slettnes.

Now if I would get a dollar for every "northernmost" in this post, I'm sure I could buy myself a nice new lipstick!

Anyway now that you know that, let me also tell you that the North Cape is of course a tourist attraction. You have to pay to visit the North Cape Hall which offers you a souvenir shop with loads of trolls and other mythical creatures (in Norway rocks are believed to be trolls that were petrified by the sun), a film about the Northern Lights, a Thai Museum (because some Thai king has visited the North Cape once), a grotto where you can experience a light show that represents the various seasons in the North and last but not least a restaurant (of course!).

Okay, it wasn't that bad. I knew it would be a tourist attraction and I knew it wasn't the real northernmost point. However spending 2 hours in the Hall wasn't that exciting. You see, we had to take pictures outside immediately as the weather at the Cape changes rapidly. And you can see on the picture that you can't really make out the difference between the ocean and the clouds and mist anymore. It was windy and began to snow soon after our arrival. So it was as unpleasant as you would the North Cape imagine to be in October.

Nevertheless I was glad I went there. I really think, despite all the touristy things, that it is a place you should visit at least once in a life time!

Would you visit the North Cape or have you already? How was it for you?